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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

Unofficial Home Page of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, 3rd Combat Cargo Group


     Much of the information contained on this site was found in the book, "THROUGH HELLS GATE TO SHANGHAI" written by John G. Martin, an original member of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron. This book deals exclusively with the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron’s formation, it’s travel to the CBI and the Squadrons early history. Additional information was also found in other books: "IT BEGAN IN IMPHAL," written by John G. Martin, and "CHINA AIRLIFT - THE HUMP" Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III & Vol. IV  by C. B. I., Hump Pilots Association.  I have also obtained the Group’s history from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, located at Maxwell AFB. Alabama.  Additional history has come from individual members of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, as well as other Combat Cargo Groups and China-Burma-India veterans.  Slide images and photos of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron were obtained from Cal Bannon, Jake Saylor and Thornton Rose.

    In addition I'd have to thank the late Jeffrey L. Ethell, an Aviation Historian, writer, warbird pilot, father and good friend for instilling in me, the idea of keeping Aviation History alive.  Also I'd like to thank Bob DeGroat, aviation writer and photographer who helped to edit the initial content of these pages.  I indeed have to thank my wife, Donna, for putting up with me as I undertake this project and her help in editing some of the contents of some of these pages.  I must also acknowledge, my daughter, Lisa, for her assistance, with her ideas and/or suggestions during the Web Sites early development..

     In addition, most of the information being added to the 1st Combat Cargo Group's, 4th Combat Cargo Squadron Page is due to the help of  S/Sgt. Herbert 'Pat' Patton of the the 4th Combat Cargo Squadron.  Herb has written all of his former squadron mates in a effort to have them submit articles and images for use on this site.  In addition I want to thank S/Sgt. Herb Patton for editing many of the stories of Lt. James Lippard.  Having flown with James Lippard, Herb Patton was the perfect candidate to do this large task.  All of James Lippards stories are not yet on the site but will eventually end up here.

     I must also thank the many Veteran and individuals who have either contributed stories and/or images for this Web Site.

     Veterans:  Cpl. John Van Lieu (Headquarters, 1st ComCar Group),  1st Lt. Bertram 'Bert' Siegel (3rd CCS.),   Capt.  Tom McKenna (4th CCS.),  S/Sgt. Herbert 'Herb' Patton (4th CCS.),  T/Sgt. Herbert Goldberg (347th Airdrome Sq.),  1st Lt. John G. Martin (10th CCS.), 1st. George 'Jake' Saylor (10th CCS.),  S/Sgt. Aloysius 'Al' M. O'Neill Jr. (10th CCS.),  Calvin Bannon (10th CCS.),  S/Sgt. Thorton Rose (10th CCS.),  Lt. John Basarab Jr. (12th CCS.),  Lt. William L. Eisele (12th CC S.), Stan Miller (14th CCS.),  Lt. George 'Bud' Williamson (14th CCS.),  S/Sgt. Nick M. Sanchez (15th CCS.)  T/Sgt. Peter T. Setcoski (4rd CCS., S/Sgt Lyman J. Halbleib (1st CCS.), T/Sgt. Roger H. 'Flip' Corcoran (1st CCS.), Lt. Herbert P. Ochs (10th CCS), S/Sgt Norman Vickers (14th CCS), Lt. Marshall Feld (10th CCS.), Lt. Jack Mullen (15th CCS).

    Individuals:  Marcia Carr (Daughter of Lt. Harley G. Hanson, 10th ComCar.Sq.), M/Sgt. Dave Tarnowski, (328th Airlift Sq.),   M/Sgt Gerald White (514th Airlift Sq.). 

    I hope my small contribution with the web-site helps keep Aviation History alive a little longer  and in some way helps tell the story of the U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War.     

Bill Bielauskas

September 1, 1998

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    I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc.) 

Please e-mail comment, suggestions, corrections,etc to: bill@comcar.org

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