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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

CBI - Combat Cargo Links

The Museum of Aviation at Warner Robbins AFB:  The Museum of Aviation Flight & Technology Center, through public and private partnership, portrays the history of aviation and Warner-Robins AFB logistics support for the USAF by preserving and exhibiting aircraft and items of historical significance or interest and providing innovative, extensive, hands-on educational programs.

The United States Army Air Forces, 1941-1945 World War II.   This site exists to help you research the United States Army Air Forces, its personnel, units, and aircraft.   It is never too late to start your search.  An excellent site to attempt to locate information.

10th Air Force Tribute:      Martin Winter is writing a book about the 10th Air Force and also has the 10th Air Force Tribute Web-Site.

The Hump:    During World War II, there was a theater of operation where successful completion of the mission was considered most important to the successful end of the war in the Pacific. With the  Burma road closed, only one supply route was left open to supply the Chinese and American troops fighting in Burma and China. . . that was the air route from the Assam Valley in India over the Himalayan  Mountains and  into Burma and  China.   It's nick name was  "THE HUMP".

China, Burma & India Theater of Operations:     S. Neal Gardner's pages about his Dad's Army experiences in the CBI Theater.

Burma Star Association:    What follows is a map of the Burma area and a diary of the events during the Burma Campaign.   The Burma Star Association was officially founded on the 26 February 1951 with 2000 founder members. The rules of the Association were drawn up by Lord Louis Mountbatten and Field Marshal Lord Slim. The broad aims of the Association are to promote the comradeship experienced in the bitter fighting in the jungles of Burma, and also to set up a welfare organization so that members and widows in need can be given poverty assistance in times of ill-health or other debilitating circumstances. 

The King's Own Scottish Borderers At War * 1939-45::   A World War Two Historical Reenactment Unit 2nd KOSB, 7th Indian Division in Burma, 1944-45

Merrill's Marauders, 5307 Composite Unit Provisional:  During World War II an All Volunteer group of young men came together in the jungles of Burma.  From different life styles and every part of the country  they came to fight the enemy, each for their own reasons.  During their campaigns they were apparently forgotten, frequently lost,occasionally mutinous, and almost always "Magnificent". This site is Dedicated to these brave men who served their Country as  Merills Marauder's

The P40 & the China Air Task Force (CATF):     Information about the Curtis P-40 Warhawk and about the CATF, the USAAF unit which was birthed by Chennault's American Volunteer Group.  By Douglas Edward Roberts

American Volunteer Group - Flying Tigers:    The official home page of "The Flying Tigers".  

AVG:     Dan Ford's definitive site about the American Volunteer Group (AVG).

The AVG:    About and by the American Volunteer Group (AVG), a.k.a. the Flying Tigers. 

Gen. Claire Lee Channault:    A short biography of the Founder of the Flying Tigers.

Dad's CBI Page:    Richard Hacking's Tribute to his dad, Charles, who was in the 18th Air Service Squadron of the 18th Air Force. These were the guys who worked on the ground making sure that our fighters and bombers had a place to land. 

Flying Jeeps:    Rick dedicates this site to his father and the other men of the 115th Liaison Squadron - "Flying Jeeps", 14th Air Force.

Harris B-25 Galleries - Nose Art of the 12th Bomb Group:     The photos, mostly 'nose art', Harris B-25 Galleries were supplied by William Harris, whose father, SSgt William Harasimowicz,  (radio operator in the 81st Bomb Squadron, 12th Bomb Group), took the pictures.

341st Bomb Group Home Page:    Home page of the 341st Bomb Group maintained by Tony Strotman   To much to list just a great CBI site

308th Bomb Group:   Hope page of the 308th Bomb Group maintained by Tony Strotman.  To much to list just a great CBI site

11th Bomb Squadron, 341st Bombardment Group Photo Archive: Jon Stehn shares his grandfather's photos of the 11th Bomb Squadron, the 341st Bomb Group, CBI.

Tribute to the Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association: A great web site for the 11th Bomb Squadron,  by John Mongell.

Tribute to Douglas A. Bell: Michael R. Mitchell's tribute his late step-father, who flew 45 combat missions with the 22nd Bomb Squadron. He and his crew were shot down behind Japanese lines and spent 30 days returning to our lines in May, 1944.

Barry's Military Web: Barry Dewalt says, "This page is dedicated to my father, M/Sgt Arthur E. DeWalt (22nd Bomb Squadron) and his friends who did not come back. They sacrificed for our freedom and will NOT BE forgotten."

Grandpa's B-25: Chuck Piwowarski's tribute to his late grandfather, Casmir  (Charlie ), a tail gunner flying combat missions with the 491st Bomb Squadron.

12th Troop Carrier Squadron  This page is dedicated to the airmen who served in the 12th Troop Carrier Squadron at Rhein Main Air Force Base, Frankfurt Germany, 1951 to 1954.  By S/Sgt. Bill Holt

31 Squadron, Royal Air Force  No. 31 Squadron RAF was formed at Farnborough on 11 October 1915 and was intended for service in India. . The Squadron, which is now in its eighty-third year, has an illustrious history and can boast that many men, who later rose to prominence in the RAF, (including the famous Arthur "Bomber" Harris), first served their apprenticeships with the "Goldstars."

RCAF 435 Squadron

The Burma Expedition    Story of the recovery of the the crew of C-47 (KN563) of the RCAF 435 Squadron which crashed on June 21, 1945

RCAF 436 Squadron

RCAF 435/436 Squadrons

AIR MOBILITY COMMAND MUSEUM - DOVER AFB -- The Flying Fortress, Skymaster, Flying Boxcar, Caribou...They are all here, in all their glory, along with many others sure to delight the glying fanatic in all of us!  Come on an adventure in flight, where the Army Air Corps of the past shakes hands with the Air Force of the Future!  

The Caterpillar Club's Aviation History of Central New York State  These stories would be extraordinary by themselves, the search for survivors, the near misses of being able to walk or swim away from a crash, if it were only limited to the skies of Syracuse. These stories were told, and retold a hundred times over, at every air base in the country.   Mark S. Barbour

WW2 Bases in Central Indiana  Atterbury - Bakalar - Freeman, Three Former World War II Bases located in South Central Indiana, and to the Units, Men and Women who passed through their gates.

The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum On December 17, 1935   The  Douglas Aircraft Company rolled out, and flew the Legendary DC-3!   Everything and anything pertaining to the Douglas C-47 is here.

Robert L. Scott  Robert L. Scott Fan Club Association

Dads War Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story by Wesley Johnston

396th Air Service Squadron  Dedicated to all the members of the 396th Air Service Squadron of the 12th Air Service Group that served with the 14th Air Force in the China Theatre of operation during World War Two.

AIRLIFTER PAGE:    Sam McGowan's been working on a history of the Air Force troop carrier/combat cargo/tactical airlift mission for years now. Fortunately, he's not gotten it published yet because he keeps finding new information that makes it better.   The site has a sections that covers, ATC, Troop Carriers, Berlin Airlift, Korean Airlift, Vietnam and other stuff.

14th USAAF 27th Troop Carrier SquadronDuring it's glorious career the Twenty-Seventh flew 6,805 missions over the worse terrain in the World, in the most vicious weather Mother Nature could dream up. On many occasions, personnel of the squadron served in the middle of battle as liaison with Allied ground forces. The Twenty-Seventh Troop Carrier Squadron received 25 commendations from Theater Command, as well as from Washington, D.C., Great Britain and Nationalist China. The personnel of the squadron are some of the most recognized of the war, receiving 1,271 decorations.

The Black Watch R.H.R ChinditsIn the whole of W.W.II, never was asked so much from Allied soldiers, than was asked of "The Chindits". Six months of front-line combat behind the Japanese line

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GEORGE V. FAULKNER, MD:  George V. Faulkner, MD ,served with the Wingate in the CBI Theatre in WW2 with the Chindits as the Doc, also, at some points with the 5307th.(Merrills Marauders) at Mytkyina.

CNAC Hump Pilots:   The CNAC Story, The China National Aviation Corporation.    The China National Aviation Corporation played a significant role in the history of modern China.  Originally a partnership between the Chinese government and the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, the airline became a part of the Pan American Airways empire in 1933.  This is a permanent site, intended to archive information and stories about the CNAC Hump pilots and their role in China. We welcome links to other sites, additions to our own, pictures, stories and corrections.  Editor is currently Peggy Maher, daughter of Bill Maher, current President of CNAC Association.

MISSION of the 1337th. Army Air Force Base Unit at Sookerating The mission of the airbase at the end of the line in the upper Assam Valley of India could be stated simply as flying supplies to China over the "Hump" during WWII. However, that simplification would be an under-statement, and would hardly do justice to the military mission which has been accomplished so successfully by the pilots and men of the 1337th. AAFBU.

 GREETINGS  Bernard C. Speth's Army Life -June 1943 thru November 1945  It all started in April 1943 when I got a letter from the President of the United States that said "Greetings". Now I thought "How nice of the President to send me a letter" but as I read on, it was a request for me to go to Erie and take a physical and if I passed, to report for duty in the service of the U.S. government.

 DEAR GRANDSON The following letter was written by S/Sgt Elmer W. Jones. It was included in the last issue of the Sound Off newspaper published aboard the troopship U.S.S.General R.E.Callan on Jan. 29, 1946

 JUMPING OVER THE HUMP  On the morning of January 30,1944, at approximately 0800, we left Chabua, Assam, India, in a C-46 bound for Kunming, China, on what I anticipated would be a regular mission. It was raining very hard when we left Chabua, and from all reports the Hump wasn't going to be much better. This was my second consecutive trip over the Hump. I had a swell crew---the engineer lived with me and I had flown before with the pilot, Lieutenant Anderson.

MY FATHER'S MILITARY YEARS:  A Pictorial history of Raymond Carl Holtz in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II.   By his son, Robert L. Holtz.

MILITARY MUSINGS  I had just returned to my tent after seeing the evening movie when the runner came to inform me that I was alerted for
another flight. After being up all day I felt more like hitting the sack than hauling a load of gas to China, but because I was in the army, I had to do the latter, The crew, including me, griped while riding down to Kurmitola (GI) Operations in a bouncy GI truck.

 The Firebird Association  This site is dedicated to those men, who gallantly and courageously served their country during World War II and the Vietnam era as members of the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron and later as the 17th Tactical Airlift Squadron.

Allies in War:  At first this was to be a Web Site for Girls from the United Kingdom who met and married American Servicemen and then moved to the United States and many other countries.     The interest has grown so fast in the content of our Web Site that my colleague Dawn Rice and I decided that we would include anything that was of historical value and interesting, and of course include all our Allied Countries.
    This ranges from enquiries to find out what happened to a certain Ship, or Squadron maybe a specific bomber, sometimes where is the Cemetery, do we know how I can find this or that, so many questions, and this is the reason for all the links obtainable from this one Web Site, I have obtained permission from every Webmaster whose Web Site/s are listed to put the links, for which I am very gratefull.

Hump Pilots:   Lt. W.G.Mumford's  A-2 Jacket from the CBI, plus links  

15th Combat Cargo Squadron:    The story of the 15th Combat Cargo Squadron By Edward G Honey

'Into The Valley'  is the story of USAAF Airborne Troop Carrier in World War II, by Col. Charles H. Young, war-time commander of the 439th TC Group. This 616-page book contains first-hand accounts of the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Southern France, Holland, the Rhine River crossing into Germany, and many other missions. Included also are detailed maps, historical analysis and more than 600 quality photos.

John Alfred Lofland, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces 0-492552
India-China Wing, Air Transport Command
Entered the Service from: Louisiana - -Died: June 14, 1944 - Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery Manila, Philippines
Awards: Air Medal

CBI Info:   This site had disappeared and I have no idea where it went.  The Central Clearing House for materials related to the CBI Theater of WW II.   It currently provides 'Ex-CBI Roundup', 'CBI Veterans Association'.  It also has listings the names and addresses of Veterans Organizations that have members who were active duty military personnel in the CBI theatre.


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