1969 XJ6 2.8 DELUXE

1969 Jaguar XJ6, 2.8 liter Deluxe with a 4 speed manual Transmission with Overdrive.   This car was originally delivered to Australia in 1969 and was imported into the USA somewhere between 1970-1972.  

Some time in about 1983 while the engine had been removed for repair a move to a new house in Vermont was made, and the original 2.8 liter engine got lost.  The original 2.8 head which had been sent out for repair when the original 2.8 liter was removed was saved.   Currently the car has a Series 1 4.2 liter engine coupled to a automatic transmission and is drivable for a few minutes (no coolant system connected)..  


Jaguar 4 speed manual transmission and parts from a 1969 RHD XJ6