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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

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Old Message Board Messages

Subject: 2459 Quartermaster Truck Company

Date: Saturday 24-Feb-2001 17:01:34

Message: Paul Laplander would like to hear from members of the 2459 Quartermaster Truck Co. who served in the CBI theater in 1943-45. My address is 1801 W. 14th St. Sault Ste. Marie Michigan 49783

Name: Paul Laplander



Subject: Pictures Gus Cook

Date: Friday 23-Feb-2001 12:12:37

Message: I have recently found several pictures that belonged to my Uncle Gus Cook who was a pilot CBI. His plane went down and he was never found. one picture is labeled Caya India Sept 34 - Offers Bowman Grandstetter Bonti Crawford Fazenoin. Would be glad to send copies to anyone interested.Cathe Cook Newman csewfey@aol.com

Name: Cathe Cook Newman

Email: Csewfey@aol.com


Subject: 1337 AAFB Unit

Date: Tuesday 20-Feb-2001 00:39:05

Message: My father-in-law belonged to this group I am interested in helping him find more information related to the unit. He was stationed at Sookerating India. He recently recieved several medals for his service. He was aided by the local veterans service officer. He was a radio operator on a C-46 transport. He flew several missions over the Hump. His name is John Kollen Maybe someone will remember him.

Name: Bob Vigil

Email: krvigil@bendnet.com


Subject: John K Moriarty

Date: Saturday 17-Feb-2001 16:24:42

Message: Is John K Moriarty out there? It appears he was my late Father's CO and I would like to communicate with him. My Father was in the 3rd Combat Cargo Sq.

Name: Alicia Mumford Fish

Email: timaliciafish@webtv.net


Subject: Capt. Elmer Mumford

Date: Friday 16-Feb-2001 08:47:46

Message: My father Elmer Earl Mumford flew out of India with the 3rd Combat Squadron in 1944. He was killed on October 28 1944. We have been told he has a marker in the American cemetery in Calcutta. I would be interested to know if anyone knew him then. He was killed two weeks before I was born. He was from Maryville Missouri. We have been told the accident occurred when they were dropping supplies and a parachute became entangled in some part of the airplane. <BR>

Name: Alicia Mumford Fish

Email: timaliciafish@webtv.net


Subject: Re: Capt. Elmer Mumford

Date: Tuesday 27-Feb-2001 19:48:53

Message: My father Benny V. Green was crew chief for Capt. Elmer Mumford from the time they left the states until Capt. Mumfords death in Oct 1944.Dad was on down time at the time of the crash so was not involved. He would love to hear from Alicia. Bennys address is 5235 Flint Shawnee Ks 66203 or call him at 913-631-5284. Thanks Ken Green.

Name: Ken Green

Email: cyngrn@msn.com


Subject: 1332 AAFBU

Date: Wednesday 14-Feb-2001 15:05:00

Message: Two items 1. At what base was the 1332 assigned where was it in India and what was the squadron insignina? 2. Did anyone fly with or know TSgt. WALTER BOSAU radio operator 1332 AAF BU(30MAR45 to 28AUG45)with 172 combat missions.Please adviseE-Mail stepancj@mail.ips.k12.in.us Thanks <BR>Jim<BR>

Name: Jim Stepancik

Email: stepancj@mail.ips.k12.in.us


Subject: 13th combat cargo sqdn 348th support

Date: Tuesday 13-Feb-2001 20:04:38

Message: <BR>Please send me your address and telephone # along with email if available Lets go to Washington DC in August 2001

Name: o.j.sitzes 55 hedges rd abilene tx 79605

Email: ojsitzes@camalott.com


Subject: 1811th Army Air Force Unit

Date: Tuesday 13-Feb-2001 18:14:08

Message: I am trying to get information about the 1811th Army Air Force Unit which my husband (deceased) served with in CBI in 1944/1945. Perhaps suggestions where I could find this information whould be helpful. Thanks.


Email: nettesullivan@aol.com


Subject: EX-C.B.I. Roundup

Date: Thursday 8-Feb-2001 18:20:53

Message: My father was wondering if this magazine is published as he enjoyed reading the stories. His address is Ernest Bartles P.O.Box16 Bainbridge Pa. 17502<BR> Any help would be helpful.Thanks

Name: Jody Bartles

Email: jbar833201@aol.com


Subject: We are looking for any information on 23rd Air Depot Group

Date: Thursday 8-Feb-2001 17:35:47

Message: Does anyone have any information about the 2rd 3Air Depot Group based in Ondel or Panagere India. (Home Base) during WWII. From 1943 to l945. If you know of any Web sites we would appreciate the information. This is for my father Ed Hall who served their at the time. Thanks&

Name: Pat Winchell

Email: pwinchel@one.net.


Subject: Grandson of Gerald (Jerry) Arri

Date: Sunday 28-Jan-2001 21:29:56

Message: I am the grandson of Gerald Arri. He flew a C-47 cargo plane. I was really missing my grandfather today and I wish he could be with me. So I figured the best way to talk to him would be to talk to you. I just wanted to say how much I respect CBI and what you men did for me and our country. The men that flew the Hump were the bravest most couragous and most skilled pilots of all time. My grandfather learned some great life lessons up there in that airplane that he was able to pass on to me before he died. I promise to conduct my life as you men did and to help lead this nation as you. Thank you.

Name: Jeff Rombach

Email: rombacjp@notes.udayton.edu


Subject: Mohanbari vet info - bailout

Date: Wednesday 24-Jan-2001 21:46:06

Message: Still searching for info on Mohanbari AAFBU. Father was stationed there and flew as crew chief on c-46's then served a line chief. Father is Charles Head T/Sgt. May have also been known as 'Pop' Also does anyone know if a bailout can be documented? Can a chiled get a complete service record of their parent's AAF WWII activity? I've said it before and I'll say it again - these guys were heroes in a forgotten palce

Name: Larry Head

Email: eljayhed@aol.com



Date: Sunday 21-Jan-2001 21:31:45

Message: I would like to link up with somebody who served in the Ninth Combat Cargo Squarron in WWII Also trying to find Distinguished Flying Cross Society; Bill Lamkin


Email: billamkin@mindspring.com


Subject: Looking for any information.

Date: Sunday 7-Jan-2001 17:44:39

Message: I am hopeful that someone will have information regarding my dad's brother my uncle Thomas H. Thompson. He was declared missing in action or buried at sea in July 1944 I believe. We do not know much more except that he was Sgt. in the 3rd Combat Cargo Group 10th Combat Cargo Squadron. Possibly radio operator. My dad was just a boy when his brother Harold went off to war and never returned.

Name: Debbie Soechting

Email: tobyso@texoma.net


Subject: Looking for info about Capt. Floyd Strohl

Date: Friday 5-Jan-2001 00:39:04

Message: My uncle was Floyd Strohl and he was Captain of a plane that went down in the mountains in Jan Feb or March of 1945 while flying the hump. His remains have never been recovered and remaining family (only nieces and nephews remain) cannot find any of his military records or how to register w/military in case his remains are ever located. Can some one help me with this. This was a long time wish of my mother as Floyd was her only sibling. Now all parents and relatives on record with military are deceased.

Name: Norma Fiedler

Email: magsdg@aol.com


Subject: 11th Combat Cargo Friends

Date: Thursday 4-Jan-2001 19:57:35

Message: I flew as a pilot for the 11th Combat Cargo Squadron 1944-45 from Dinjan and Yannani would like to hear from other pilots in the 11th.

Name: Stan Thomas

Email: stanleyt@moscow.com


Subject: Anyone who Knew Fran Randall - Glider pilot - 1st Commandos/319th - Burma

Date: Thursday 28-Dec-2000 19:33:35

Message: "I would be interested to hear from anyone who served with may father Francis Randall in the CBI. He flew C-47s over the hump and later flew gliders with Wingate's Commandos into Burma. He was with the 1st Air Commandos Group and the 319th Troop Carrier Squadron He was know by most of his friends as ""FL""."

Name: Greg Randall

Email: Greg47@mediaone.net


Subject: S/Sgt Lou Pisapia -514 ATC in Tezpur India

Date: Thursday 28-Dec-2000 01:58:54

Message: "Looking for anyone who knew my husband S/Sgt Lou Pisapia -514 ATC in Tezpur India transferred to DumDum field Calcutta in eary 1945. He was editor of the radio facilities chart. Spoke often of a Capt. Jimmy Miles Bruce Cruzan and a Scotch mechanic known as ""Scotty"" who had light blonde hair and his skin was green from atabrin. Jim Miles was killed when his plane flew into ground because of Vertigo. I am Lou's wife and would love to hear that someone remembered him. You guys had a thankless job with little recognition. J.Pisapia"

Name: Jessie Pisapia

Email: Kewpbuff@aol.com


Subject: Looking For Veterans With First Ferrying Group Sixth Ferry Squadron

Date: Tuesday 26-Dec-2000 21:49:44

Message: "Looking to correspond with veterans and/or their families who have knowledge of the crash of the C-47 piloted by my uncle Earle BERGERON on 23 April 1943 at Chabua Air Base in India. Uncle Earle was attached to the First Ferrying Group Sixth Ferrying Squadron from early 1943 until his death. The purpose of the flight was a food dropping mission which took off from Chabua at 14:30. According to an eye witness account the plane was taking off from NE to SW runway at Chabua and from the onset it appeared that it did not have sufficient flying speed to keepup the rate of climb at take-off. In the words of the witness ""It was noticeable that something was wrong with the trim of the elevator ... the right engine failed. Immediately the right wing dropped hitting another C-47. The plane then turned up vertical and the right wing cut through the fuselage of a B-24. At this point the ship ... struck the ground nose first and very soon (within 15 to 20 seconds) started burning. I noticed one person being pulled from the wreckage. The ship was a total wreck."" The official finding was engine failure Also killed in the crash was the co-pilot 2nd Lt. Alfred R. ROSSMAN. Badly injured was the Radioman Pvt. Robert W. BOWLES. The other three crewmen all listed as Pvt. were (no first names) STREET SCICOLONE and TANNER If anyone has any information that can help we locate the crew members on this flight or their families please contact me via private e-mail I would appreciate any help - thanks in advance winski@coredcs.com<BR>"

Name: Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski

Email: winski@coredcs.com


Subject: Seek Anyone who knew Captain David Powell

Date: Saturday 23-Dec-2000 23:01:18

Message: My son's Grandfather flew many missions over the Hump. We have many newspaper clippings and memorabilia as well as medals such as his distinguished flying cross. He made it home only to be killed in the states when a plane of cadets learning to blind-fly crashed into him approx. the early 1950s. I think he was stationed at Homestead Air Base at the time. If anyone knew Captain Powell my son would be very interested in corresponding with them. Thanks.

Name: Kathy Greene

Email: Kkatsback@aol.com


Subject: Passing of former pilot

Date: Tuesday 19-Dec-2000 18:54:12

Message: My great Uncle Anthony Kozina died on 12-15-00. I just found out that he was a Hump Pilot and was in the service from 1941-1944. He flew the C-47 and had several decorations. I would like to find out more since I never had the chance to hear it from him. If you know of him or have any information about him please contact me Thank you Mark Devlin

Name: Mark Devlin

Email: vadercorp@hotmail.com


Subject: Looking for CBI Buddies

Date: Sunday 17-Dec-2000 13:31:39

Message: My father Irwin Oppenheim a bombadier-navigator 10th Army Airforce with the 1st Radar Calibration Unit in Burma and then with the 317th Troop Carrier Squadron\2nd Air Commando Group in China ('44-'46) is trying to locate anyone who served in these theatres.

Name: Mitchell Oppenheim

Email: mcoppenheim@yahoo.com


Subject: Don O'Leary

Date: Wednesday 6-Dec-2000 11:01:12

Message: Looking for anyone who may have known my dad Don O'Leary during WW2 in the CBI theater. He got out as a Captain and beyond that I know very little else. He was from Great Neck Long Island New York.& Donna McQuade


Email: mcquadefam@aol.com


Subject: Karachi 22nd Tr. Group 78th. Tr. Sqd. 1943-1945

Date: Thursday 30-Nov-2000 15:24:43

Message: Anyone having any information on this Sqd. I would apricate hearing. My Dad served in this unit Drafted 9/24/42 widowed with 6 small childen <BR>he meet the call of the Army Air Corp.

Name: Arthur Burger

Email: aburger392@madbbs.com



Date: Tuesday 21-Nov-2000 05:07:48

Message: "I am seeking information about color schemes used on 1352nd AAFBU Search and Rescue aircraft based at Mohanbari and Chabua India from about 1943 through 1945. From my research of black and white photos most of the first groups of S&R aircraft appear to have been painted overall Olive Drab with no special markings. Later the colors appear to have been changed to light-colored fuselage wing and tail - with darker nacelles and forward portions of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. A diagonal dark stripe pattern also appears to have been applied to the bottom of the wing and fuselage. This color scheme was applied to the S&R B-25’s C-47’s L-5’s L-1’s and UC-64’s I’m trying to verify this information and determine the following: 1. Colors – Federal Standard (FS) color numbers 2. Flat or Glossy paint 3. Approximate dimensions of the stripe patterns for each aircraft type. 4. When the newer color scheme was adopted If anyone can verify or add further information I would appreciate you contacting me THANK YOU Craig Haviland

Name: C. Haviland

Email: Rascalcats@juno.com


Subject: Anyone who knew

Date: Wednesday 15-Nov-2000 13:21:53

Message: "Looking for anyone who knew ""Hump Pilot"" Capt. George Foster or any stories about him. Thank You"

Name: Bob Hugus

Email: maddog1@nauticom.net


Subject: Trying to find Albert F. Fossett-CBI

Date: Tuesday 14-Nov-2000 15:27:02

Message: Al was my crew chief on a C-47 in India during WW2. He was from the Boston area and would love to know what has happened to him or where he might now be in order to get in touch with him.

Name: robert t. waldbauer

Email: rwaldbauer@earthlink.net


Subject: 191st Combat Engineers

Date: Monday 13-Nov-2000 14:08:46

Message: "I am looking for any information on on the 191st Combat Engineers in the CBI theater. My grandfather served as part of this unit. They were supposedly an ""unassigned"" unit - operating on temporary assignment when a unit needed an engineer group. He was in country between 1943-1946 and saw a lot of behind the lines assignments. Please let me know if you have any info on this unit or those who served with them. Thank you Thomas Petersen"

Name: Thomas Petersen

Email: tlpetersen@att.net


Subject: Lou Pisapia 514th ATC Assam Tezpur

Date: Friday 3-Nov-2000 22:22:37

Message: Looking for anyone who might have known S/S Lou Pisapia in Tezpur or Calcutta. Editor of the radio facilities chart in calcutta

Name: Jessie Pisapia

Email: kewpbuff @aol.com


Subject: C46D Number 44-77396 Missing 25JAN45

Date: Friday 3-Nov-2000 20:20:44

Message: Trying to find any and all information concerning a C46D that was piloted by my uncle CAPT Cecil C. Comer. Here's what I have so far: Missing routine operatial flight from Biak to Tacloban. Plane took off Biak 1100 24JAN45 Arrived Peleliu approx 1430 24JAN45. Departed Peleliu 0515 25JAN45 with destination of Tacloban. Aircraft never made it to Tacloban. The Aircraft was a C-46D Number 44-77396 (marked on nose was Number XA 197) My uncle was part of the 58th Troop Carrier Squadron 375th Troop Carrier Group. Also missing on this same aircraft was 2nd LT John A. Larman T/Sgt Joseph P. Weeks and S/Sgt Glenn K. Sampson. Looking for anything else concerning any of these personnel or this aircraft.

Name: Richard Comer

Email: recomer@balzenetme.net


Subject: 1st convoy through Ledo-Stilwell (Burma) Road

Date: Thursday 2-Nov-2000 08:18:36

Message: My father-in-law Redgie Dale Stamps is from Mississippi. He was a driver in the transport division in the CBI theater and his unit was the first to drive the completed Burma Road. He was a driver. A picture was taken by Life Magazine and/or Movietone News; however the picture he has is old and isn't a good print. He was in the picture. He talks about the adventures in India all the time. If anyone was with this unit or happens to remember him or knows how I could find the pictures or movies during that time I would greatly appreciate it. He is getting older and I would like to be able to bring a little of this part of his life back to him. Thank you so much. Deb Stamps 601-736-6176

Name: Deb Stamps

Email: stamps_d@hotmail.com


Subject: searchiing

Date: Tuesday 31-Oct-2000 14:52:07

Message: I am searching for information on two pilots who flew CBI. One was my cousin another father of my dear friend. Cousins name Robert Perry from Lansing MI and other pilot James White who survived. Robert did not. I would appreciate any information you may give me. Sorry I do not know their squadron numbers

Name: Margaret E. Smith

Email: mas33@iserv.net


Subject: What base squadron

Date: Tuesday 31-Oct-2000 13:02:41

Message: Seeking info for unit base in India from 8MAR45 to 8DEC45. Walter Bosau radio operator on C-46 86 trips from India to China 172 combat aerial missions 638 combat hours. Air medal citation show APO 192 1300 AAF Air Base Unit Indian China Division Air Transport Command. In record shows Placement Depot No1 USF IBT APO 883 North Malir India. Where was the 1332 AAF Base Unit APO 490?

Name: Jim Stepancik

Email: stepancj@mail.ips.k12.in.us


Subject: 610th Ordnance Ammunition Co. Raidang/Sookerating

Date: Wednesday 25-Oct-2000 14:54:58

Message: Am looking for any cybervets from the 610th based for most of 1944 on the Raidang Tea Estate near the Sookerating Air Base in Assam India. In 1945 the company crossed the Ledo/Burma Roads to China spending time in Chanyi and Kweiyang.<BR><BR>My father Paul was the company painter.

Name: Benjamin Sonstein

Email: woolef@windriver.com


Subject: chuba India

Date: Friday 20-Oct-2000 20:32:54

Message: I am looking for someone who severed in Chuba India sq.f 1333rd army air force.




Subject: Looking for My Father.

Date: Thursday 19-Oct-2000 16:27:52

Message: My father related his WWII experiences to me once I was wondering exactly what he had done to recieve an Air Medal with an Oak leaf and the DFC. I recorded our conversation he said that he had been in the 1st Combat Cargo in China. Some of his missions there were to resupply Merrils Marauders drop off OSS agents ferry Chinese troops and touch and go to deliver supplies His name was S/SGT Theadore Merle Day he was from Colorado. He was the flight engineer and load master on a C-47. Some of the stories he related were about flying the wounded out of Myitkyna before it was secured. Said the Japs were shooting knee mortors at them. He aslo said his plane once brought Ms. Chiang Kai-shek to I believe India. I have a number of stories recorded. If any one can help me I would appreciate it I need to listen to the tape again cause he did mention his CO Seems like it may have been Tool not sure though. He was always involved in a lot of fist fits said he never started them but would finish them. Thanks Tim Day.

Name: Tim Day

Email: drsplash52@aol.com


Subject: Seeking information about my dad

Date: Friday 13-Oct-2000 10:17:34

Message: I listened happily to my fathers stories when I was a little kid. Sadly I have forgotten the names and places he told me about. Pop passed away in 1972 and I just found this board. If anyone knows anything about (Jack) John H. Webb East McKeesport PA near Pittsburg could you let me know? He was a T-Sgt. and I think he said that he was a crew chief on C-47s over the Hump Thanks David Webb note: In an email to me David Webb stated that his father was a crew chief on C-47's with what he believes was the 1st Air Commando Group which would lead me to believe his father was attached to the 319th Troop Carrier Squadron. Bill Bielauskas

Name: David Webb

Email: dtwebb@acsc.net


Subject: Mohanbari Air Base

Date: Friday 6-Oct-2000 21:20:07

Message: "Looking for info regarding units and activites surrounding Mohanbari Army Air Base '43-'45. My father T/Sgt Charles ""Pop"" Head was stationed there then and served as a crew chief on C-46's and then as line cheif. He was associated with a group of guys he called ""The Flight 'A' Gang"" (I think he was their senior mechanic -- ??). Has told story of having an engine catch on fire just befor reaching the 'point of no return' enroute to China and pilot (on his first mission as command pilot as I remember) having to turn around and make it back on the solo enging. Dad said it was the best landing that pilot ever made with him aboard. Dad remembers flying over Calcutta at 3000 feet wth the cargo door open looking down on the city. Dad's 85 and his memory is starting to fade a little. If anybody can add any info regarding Mohanbari life or my father I'd really appreciate it. These guys were heroes!"

Name: Larry Head

Email: ELJAYHED@aol.com


Subject: Walter Britt Worthy Dies

Date: Thursday 5-Oct-2000 16:06:43

Message: "Walter Britt ""Slim"" Worthy of Cairo GA. died April 11 2000 in Panama City Beach FL. He is survived by his wife Virginia B. Worthy and four children. Anyone wishing to contact the family may email me Bless the Greatest Generation Doug note from Bill Bielauskas Doug Kirkland son-in-law to Walter Britt Worthy also sent me additional information about his father-in-law in part it said: ""Before World War II Mr. Worthy was a flight instructor for Darr Aerotech in Albany Georgia. During World War II he served with distinction in the Army Air Corps as a pilot flying first for the Ferry Command and then flying medical evacuations of seriously wounded servicemen. Later in the war he flew as a ""Hump Pilot"" ferrying supplies across the Himalayas from Burma India to Western China supporting the Pacific War effort. After World War II Mr. Worthy and his family returned to Hatcher Georgia where he worked as a flight instructor for Hawthorne Aviation at Spence Field in Moultrie Georgia"". "

Name: Douglas I. Kirkland Son in law

Email: dikirkland@att.net


Subject: Father Lee R. Betmarik 12th ComCar Sqd.

Date: Thursday 28-Sep-2000 18:35:02





Subject: Charles W Nygaard 2nd Lt.

Date: Sunday 24-Sep-2000 14:00:16

Message: Looking to talk to anyone who knew my uncle Charles W. Nygaard 2nd Lt. who was assigned to the 1333 AAFBU. He was killed September 1 1944 and is interred in the National Cemetery of the Pacific (NMCP).


Email: tccleary@excite.com


Subject: Unit Picture

Date: Monday 18-Sep-2000 22:48:36

Message: "I am now attempting to sort out all of the family pictures and assemble the family history. While doing this I found one of my fathers pictures taken somewhere in India during WWII. It shows a squadron flag with either 500S or 5005 on it. I'm not sure which it is since the photo is about 2"" square. The names on the back of the picture are Carmen Villa Haabi Joe Cash Stan Berger Randolph Feigler Joe Dobrovich Joe Butko Price Thomas Blank (my father) Daryll Madsen (Rhinelander WI) Turner (our lasha). Since my father talked very little about his service in India I would appreciate help locating the information on his unit. Thomas E. Blank Jr<BR>SMSgt USAF Retired"

Name: Thomas E. Blank

Email: teblank@execpc.com


Subject: Susie's Sister Airplane flying the HUMP

Date: Monday 11-Sep-2000 17:18:36

Message: Pictures in my fathers WWII memorabilia include a plane called Susies Sister which I assume flew the Hump 43-46. Can anyone provide details on the plane pilot missions or crew? Thank you Hope Bone

Name: Robert Sommers Worthington

Email: Hope @boneandbonecpas.com


Subject: Error in subject line of posted listing

Date: Monday 11-Sep-2000 03:58:40

Message: Thank you very much for posting my search information about (then) Captain Harold R. Haviland. There is an ERROR in the AAFBU listing. In the subject line it says 13152nd. IT SHOULD BE 1352nd.<BR>Thank you C. Haviland

Name: C. Haviland

Email: Rascalcats@juno.com



Date: Monday 11-Sep-2000 03:38:41

Message: "I am trying to find anyone who flew with knew or has information/photos about my father (then) Captain Harold R. Haviland in the CBI Theater during WWII. He flew ""The Hump"" with the 1337th AAFBU based at Sookerating Assam Province India from December 1944 to March 1945. He then flew Search and Rescue with the 1352nd AAFBU based at Mohanbari India from March 1945 to October 1945.<BR>Sincerely C. Haviland"

Name: C. Haviland

Email: Rascalcats@juno.com


Subject: Anyone who knew Cap. H. R. Haviland -1337th & 13152nd

Date: Saturday 9-Sep-2000 04:50:55

Message: I am trying to find anyone who flew with knew or has information about my father Harold R. Haviland in the CBI Theater. He flew The Hump with the 1337th AAFBU based at Sookerating Assam Province India from about November 1944 to March 1945. He also flew Search and Rescue with the 1352nd AAFBU stationed at Mohanbari India from March 1945 through October 1945.<BR>C. Haviland

Name: C. Haviland

Email: Rascalcats@juno.com


Subject: hump reunion 2000

Date: Friday 1-Sep-2000 23:54:55

Message: my dad passed away 10/24/99 after his last reunion in california 9/99. would like to attend in his place this year. please contact me. thank you deb perrin

Name: deb perrin

Email: wheel@i-55.com



Subject: V. (Lefty) Leffler and CBI

Date: Thursday 31-Aug-2000 16:53:16

Message: "This is part of the story on my godparents Vernon Leffler & Alice Walters Leffler. I would appreciate anyone who could add or make any corrections on the story. Thanks. Vermon and Alice couldn’t help themselves; they quickly fell madly in love and wanted to marry before he was sent on his next overseas assignment. So in September 1944 they were married back in Alice’s hometown of Miami Florida in her parent‘s living room. With America still at war their time together as a new couple was very short. By December 1944 he was sent to the China-Burma-India outpost to be a rear gunner on a B-25 plane that flew missions over the Himalayan Mountains. These were known as the ""Humped Flights"" since they were crossing the tallest mountains in the world. It was during one of these flights that his plane crashed into the mountains around August 1945. Lefty was among the survivors of the crash but his back was split to the bone by a casement when the plane crashed. He had to be carried out of the mountains on a stretcher made from poles and blankets by the other airmen from the plane. It took the men three months to walk back into Indian Territory. Once at an Indian hospital his wounds were cleaned and he was put into a body cast. Lefty remained there for three months before an English plane was able to fly him out to the nearest American base hospital. When the body cast was removed and his wound cared for he was paralyzed from the neck down. Alice was back in Florida sick with worry not knowing his full condition. He sent messages to Alice while he was in India but not being able to touch him and care for him was driving her crazy. With help from her father they saw that Verman was transferred back to the States. He was taken to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Florida which was used as an Army Hospital. Alice was completing her second year of Army duty at the Biltmore Army Hospital at the time. There was not much the doctors could do for him but fill him with fluids and drugs. The doctors didn’t expect him to live much longer and tried to prepare Alice for the worst. She was not about to lose her husband. With the nurse’s training she had Alice knew what had to be done to help him.

Name: Alice Luckhardt

Email: gregl@adelphia.net


Subject: 14th Army Air Force/Qmtr

Date: Tuesday 25-Jul-2000 17:29:43

Message: Friends As most of my research revolves around the Civil War I need some help on this if at all possible. I recently purchased a uniform off Ebay and the; uniform dress coat has the 14th AAF and CBI Patches on it. The uniform was quite complete with pants shirt tie hat etc... The gentlemans name and service number are located for the most part all over every piece except for the dress coat. James J. Willging Co. D 1st QMTR T-212.<BR> As I have not sent away for his records I figured to see if there was anything out on the net. Would anyone be able to tell me if a Quartermaster unit was attached to the 14th AAF and what T-212 1st Quartermaster was? I am not sure if the dress coat actually belongs to this soldier as his name was no on this item as all the rest. I am quite blind when it comes to identifying WWII items but feel at home with the Civil War. Thanks for any help Eric J. Schmincke; Vice-President Grand Army of the Republic Civil War; Library and Museum Phila. Pa.

Name: Eric Schmincke

Email: schminckette@worldnet.att.net


Subject: 1306 AAFBU Karachi

Date: Wednesday 12-Jul-2000 18:24:30

Message: Can anyone tell me about the 1306th aafbu in karachi 1943--1944 thanks<BR>

Name: Jim Antell



Subject: My Assam Dragon

Date: Thursday 6-Jul-2000 15:37:06

Message: "My father flew the Hump in WWII and has told me that his plane ""My Assam Dragon"" was in a photograph published in Life magazine. Anyone out there remember a young pilot named John Paige? He turned 84 on July 1st and I know he would love to see that picture. Anyone know how to find a copy on-lineName:

Email: squanto1@gte.net


Subject: Re: My Assam Dragon

Date: Wednesday 12-Jul-2000 05:35:04

Message: I do have the Life magizine you are talking about. The date is Sept. 11th 1944. Contact me if you need more information. Phil Vancelette<BR> Bbevo@aol.com&

Name: Phil

Email: Bbevo@aol.com


Subject: Newfoundland & Labrador US Military Research

Date: Monday 26-Jun-2000 21:29:23

Message: I have received an e-mail regarding a patch for the ATC in Newfoundland/Labrador. Apparently the Air Transport Command was a forerunner to the Northeast Air Command. I am seeking information about all and any units that were located in that area during the 1940s-1990s. Photos patches? Not a collector - this is for an educational display. Nana & Papa www.nfgeneralstore.com&

Name: nanarete

Email: nanarete@earthlink


Subject: Mars Task Force

Date: Wednesday 14-Jun-2000 06:00:08

Message: I was looking through some old papers of my fathers and found a letter of commendation signed by General Tunner. It was for the transporting by air of the Mars Task Force from bases in Burma to bases in China. During the period March 17 1945 to may 25 1945.<BR> Does anyone know anything about this group and what its mission was.<BR>

Name: Phil Vancelette



Subject: Re: Mars Task Force

Date: Monday 26-Jun-2000 22:46:30

Message: Phil Check out the following URL's http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/70-42/70-425.html and http://www.cbiinfo.com/marstf.htm They should help you a little please send email address to me a bill@comcar.org; Bill B comcar.org

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comar.org


Subject: 48th Material Squadron

Date: Wednesday 7-Jun-2000 10:00:04

Message: I am trying to find information about this squadron. My Uncle was part of this squadron when he died. It is believed his squadron was supporting the efforts in the CBI? Any information would be appreciated.<BR>

Name: Brad Brouillard

Email: brad.brouillard@harmonicinc.com


Subject: Adams James Rhodes

Date: Tuesday 6-Jun-2000 16:28:47

Message: Looking for information on the above individual who might have served as a pilot in the CBI during the last year of the war. I know that he was a civilian flight instructor in Georgia and think that he transferred to ATC sometime in 1944. James Adams was originally from Smyrna Georgia and would have been 20 to 25 years old

Name: Marion Seckinger

Email: mlsecks@aol.com


Subject: Bring Lt. Bos Home!!

Date: Sunday 4-Jun-2000 22:04:37

Message: Any info you may have about 2nd. Lt. Harvey Bos 1337th Air Transport lost in China on 8 Jan 1945 would be most appreciated. Service No. 02059951. Looking for personal info for family trying to bring him home. Lt. Bos' remains are; believed to be interred in Phillipines cemetary Army trying to locate same for DNA testing. & WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN- OUR HEROES NEED TO COME HOME!!!!!

Name: Rick

Email: steeler@iserv.net


Subject: 98th Service Squadron

Date: Monday 29-May-2000 20:24:52

Message: My Father-in-law Mario V. Gambardella served in the 98th Service Squadron as a cargo aircraft repair specialist in the CBI theater supporting the Burma Road and had a role in the Imphal action. I have not seen a clear reference to his 98th group. Anyone have any links or can direct us to further info. Thanks Jerry Meyerhoff jm430@prodigy.net

Name: Jerry Meyerhoff for Mario V. Gambardella

Email: jm430@prodigy.net


Subject: Re: 98th Service Squadron

Date: Wednesday 31-May-2000 22:07:17

Message: The 98th Service Squadron worked with the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron from June-Sept 1944. There they maintained the 10th ComCar's C-47's and when required the crews of the C-47's assisted the men of the 98th. My Father was with the 10th ComCar Sqd. during this time frame. Perhaps your father-in-law and my father worked together at one time. The 98th was relieved of its maintance job with the 10th ComCar Sqd. when the 331st Airdrome Squadron finally arrived in the CBI. Email me a bill@comcar.org we can talk further on this. Bill Bielauskas (Webmaster

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comcar.org


Subject: Looking for Gene Zimmerman CBI veteran

Date: Wednesday 24-May-2000 19:15:48

Message: My late uncle Jacob Orlick served with Gene and he was in contact with me shortly after my uncle's death. I have discovered a number of unidentified photos of those who served with my uncle and have assembled them in an album. If Mr. Zimmerman finds this message would he please contact me as to whether or not he would like to have these pictures or if he would know if there is any organization which would. If anyone out there knows Mr. Zimmerman's address please forward it to me. Thank you Cynthia Leonard Dresher Pa. 19025

Name: Cynthia Leonard

Email: cynray@gateway.net


Subject: "Lee W. Churchman Loran Operatoron""Assam Dragon"""

Date: Wednesday 24-May-2000 18:59:15

Message: "My brother-in-law Lee W. Churchman flew the Hump in WWII as a loran operator in the ""Assam Dragon"". I am looking for anyone that might have flown with him or who can tell me what Gp and Squadron he was in

Name: Reed Tibbetts

Email: oldfart@contactmail.com


Subject: Assam April 1942

Date: Wednesday 24-May-2000 09:48:47

Message: "Four of us arrived at Dinjan 4/29/42 on our way to join Gen Stillwell as his radio team. We couldn't get any further so the CO Col. Caleb V. Haynes (""CV"") made us his radio ststion NRZERO. Counting us that brought the American population in Assam to 35. We had breakfast at 4:30AM and the next time we ate was when be got back (9:-10:PM. The ground crew worked all night to keep the C47's airworthy. That was called the ""CBIFC"" China Burma India Ferry Command.

Name: Jack Murphy

Email: ne2f@bestweb.net


Subject: 14th USAAF 27th Troop Carrier Squadron

Date: Tuesday 23-May-2000 15:14:35

Message: "Great site Bill! I have been working on a new site with the squadron historian Mr. Harry Blair. There is so much archives to plow through but we will get there in the end. Can we put in a reciprical link thus helping vets families and historians? Best regards and kudos for your efforts in bringing the CBI theater to the forefront. Stewart Cochrane The Black Watch RHR ""Chindits"" http://home.earthlink.net/~stewartc1/ 14th USAAF 27th Troop Carrier Squadron http://14usaaf27tcs.4mg.com

Name: Stewart Cochrane

Email: stewartc1@earthlink.net


Subject: Information on Crew members

Date: Thursday 4-May-2000 21:03:07

Message: Officers lived in one area others in another area. But as crews we were like shook up and dumped from a sack. As a crew chief I seldom ever flew with same Pilot Copilot Or Radio Operater. I Think we were kept from becoming to well acquainted because the hazardous conditions and weather. It is bad For Moral To Loose a Good Friend. And many were lost over the Big Rock Pile. Wade Miller 2nd Combat Cargo Squadron 1st Combat Cargo Group

Name: Wade miller

Email: wwmlmm@iolmc.com


Subject: mechanic Paul Still

Date: Friday 28-Apr-2000 03:09:00

Message: "Looking for anyone who might have known my father: he was a mechanic who flew over the ""Hump"" know on one mission they almost went down he had to climb out on plane wing. Also that he was in China when Japan was bombed. Please send info to e-mail addresss. Thank-you.<BR>"

Name: daughter

Email: esse@essex1.com


Subject: Re: mechanic Paul Still

Date: Sunday 16-Jul-2000 17:17:00

Message: "As a youth my mother told me that my father (an aircraft mechanic) was part of missions that flew over the ""Hump"". I didn't know until recently the significance of ""the Hump"". I remember quite distinctly a conversation with my father about ""heroes"". He told me then that there were many heroes in WWII that were never recognized. The example he gave me was that of a mechanic that crawled out onto an aircraft wing - in flight - to repair a propeller. His courage saved the lives of the men on that plane. That story has always stayed with me. Unfortunately my father (Richard Gartman) passed away in 1989 so I cannot find out anything more.; If he was the same man my father was talking about please know that at least one man recognized his heroism.

Name: Marguerite Borst

Email: cborst@fast.net


Subject: C47 Tail Number Registry

Date: Thursday 13-Apr-2000 15:27:56

Message: "The Yukon Transportation Museum is searching for information on a C47 (S/N 4665 Civil Registration CF-CPY) which is currently being restored for display at Whitehorse Yukon. This aircraft flew the ""Hump"" (China Burma India) between 1942 and 1945. Anyone with information on locating the USAAF tail number registration for this aircraft please contact me.

Name: D. Davidge

Email: ddavidge@yknet.yk.ca


Subject: Re: C47 Tail Number Registry

Date: Thursday 13-Apr-2000 22:05:10

Message: In answer to your question. your aircraft C-47-DL sn 4665 was delivered to the USAAF on August 28 1942 as 41-18540 and was fitted out at the Mobile Alabama Depot. It arrived with the US 10th AF in India on April 14 1943. On May 29 1943 it joined the India China Wing of the Air Transport Command. Records show that during the following month June 10 1943 the aircraft was condemned and went to the US War Assets Corp. back in the USA. On Dec 11 1945 it was registered as CF-CPY with Canadian Pacific Fleet No. 175 On April 28 1960 it went to Conelly-Dawson Airways the Great Northern Airways on on March 4 1966<BR>and the GNA 1960 Ltd. CF-CPY had been sitting derelict at the southern end of the Whitehorse Airport since 1970 where it was abandoned after blowing an engine on a takeoff. The Aircraft was no stranger to Whitehorse for when it served with the Canadian Pacific fleet where it operated the Vancouver-Edmonton-Whitehorse route and was the mainstay of the that line until it was replaced by Convairs early in the 1950's. It the operated between Whitehorse-Dawson and Mayo. When Canadian Pacific gave up the route Conelly-Dawson Airways took on the DC-3. Later owners included Northward a small Yukon air line. CF-CPY has been meticulously restored and erected as a monument at Whitehorse the gateway to the Yukon and is in original Canadian Pacific Airlines White and red colors it now sits on a pedestal in front of CP Airs new combined services building after being restored by the Yukon Flying Club in 1977 This information is dated 1987. Bill B bill@comcar.org

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comcar.org


Subject: John (Jack) B. Wright Sr.

Date: Wednesday 12-Apr-2000 02:21:40

Message: I am looking for information regarding my Father John B. Wright Sr. (Jack). He was a member of the Hump Pilots. He was a member of The Air Transport Command and a flight instructor. He was in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict and WWII

Name: Lynda Wright

Email: lyndaann@earthlink.net


Subject: Locate info about a hump pilot kia

Date: Friday 7-Apr-2000 00:12:28

Message: "Looking for info about a pilot named Leonard Foster who was killed in the CBI. Anyone who has a copy of the ""Aluminum Trail"" could check it out there. Thanks Hi Bill I was with the 10th Combat Cargo Sqd at Dinjan and Mytkina. Cbi2@juno.com Cal Bannon. phone is 206 932 8451&

Name: Cal Bannon

Email: cbi2@juno.com


Subject: 1305th AAFBU

Date: Thursday 6-Apr-2000 18:50:00

Message: My grandfather was stationed with this group at during the final months of WW2. His name was P.O. James (Jim or Red) L. Heard Sr. If anyone has any information about him or about this unit I would love to hear from you. I am very interested to learn where the 1305th was stationed. I know he flew C-46's. Thank you Jim Heard

Name: Jim Heard

Email: jheard@slipnet.com


Subject: Airlifter Email Group

Date: Sunday 2-Apr-2000 21:27:28

Message: "Folks I've just set up an Email group for airlifters. Subscription info is on my site http://members.aol.com/SamBlu82/index.html or just send a blank Email to ""subscribe-airlifters@topica.com. I was in C-130s in the 60s and flew tactical airlift in Vietnam. I'm very interested in everything related to military airlift but particularly the tactical side (which includes combat cargo.) I hope some of the WW II CC vets will join the group. Anyone interested is welcome.

Name: Sam McGowan

Email: SEMcGowanJr@aol.com


Subject: CBI Patch Identification

Date: Friday 17-Mar-2000 18:49:51

Message: My Father never spoke much about what he did during WWII. He only spoke of being stationed in Karachi India and serving as a flight engineer on C-47's. My wife was doing some research for her history class and now I'm really curious. The only thing I have is his old uniform with some patches on it. It has what I presume is the CBI patch. red and white vertical stripes with the sun and star above. On the other shoulder is the white star with the red dot in the center and the wings above. Over the right pocket flap is a triangular patch with a gold circle with what appears to be an eagle. Can anyone help identify these or direct me to a site where I may find them? Thank you

Name: Bob Felix

Email: RHFelix@aol.com


Subject: 1st CCS/ 1st CCG

Date: Sunday 12-Mar-2000 09:59:17

Message: I am trying to locate any info on this unit. My grandfather served as an Aircraft Mechanic/Cargo handler with them in ww2 during 1944/45. I am also looking for any one who might have known him. His name was Robert Hauth (T/Sgt).I have the short history of the unit but I am looking for more info and am running into the usual Gov. red tape. Thanks for any help. Please reply to my e-mail address because i don't get here often.( unfortunately

Name: Ron Lucas

Email: jenluc@juno.com


Subject: Re: 1st CCS/ 1st CCG

Date: Tuesday 14-Mar-2000 14:57:00

Message: I was with HQ 1st CCGp. I did not know your father . However try MSgt Gerald A. White Jr. He is an active reservist and has been writing a history of the 1st Squadron. Gerrys' address is jerrywhite@erols.com Good Luck. John

Name: John Van Lieu

Email: van@nantucket.net


Subject: Gliders Operation Thursday

Date: Friday 10-Mar-2000 22:33:41

Message: I am researching material for a book on CBI glider operations in WWII. Primarily Operations Thursday: Photographs Personal Experiences Unit Histories Diaries and any other information which can be collected. This will be a 80-100 page book maps photographs and dedications. Contact Lt. Col. George A. LArson USAF (Ret.) 4819 Stoney Brook Court Rapid City SD 57702 1-605-341-4835 WWIIHist@aol.com

Name: Lt. Col. George A. LArson USAF (Ret.)

Email: WWIIHist@aol.com


Subject: Gliders Operation Thursday

Date: Saturday 26-Feb-2000 15:17:32

Message: I am researching material for a book on CBI glider operations in WWII. Primarily Operations Thursday: photographs personal experiences unit histories diaries and any other information which can be collected. This will be a 80-100 page book maps photographs and dedications.

Name: Lt. Col. George A. Larson USAF (Ret.)

Email: WWIIHist@AOL.COm


Subject: out of touch

Date: Friday 25-Feb-2000 15:33:08

Message: "Son of ""Bud"" is trying to get in touch with the guys from the 3rd CCS 1st CCG if anyone can email or call 773 871-6422 that would be great! Walt ""Doc"" Ben and the rest I know you are out there. I moved and can not find the CBI roster with your phone#s. I miss the reunions and would like to see all of you soon. Great website!!

Name: ron sonnenschein

Email: ronsonny@aol.com


Subject: Re: out of touch

Date: Tuesday 14-Mar-2000 15:03:32

Message: Try Dave Tarnowski. He is an active reservist at Niagra Falls and is active in 3rd CC Sq history and has quite a few names and addresses of vets. his address David.Tarnowski@iag.afres.af.mil Good Luck John

Name: John Van Lieu

Email: van@nantucket.net


Subject: Lt. Harold C. Burley CBI

Date: Tuesday 22-Feb-2000 21:14:44

Message: "I am interested in hearing from any serviceman that may have known my father Lt. Harold C. Burley (deceased 1979). He flew to India as co-pilot to Tom Ramseur (deceased) in C-47-A No. 42-93390 with radio operator Ernest W. Williams and Engr. Durwood D. Hooker. Roomed with Bob Waldbauer John Kovondaa and Chuck Griffin (deceased CBI). Didn't drink and enjoyed checkers. Dad was older than most 26 after transfering to Air Corps in 44. I have enjoyed reading ""It Began at Imphal: The Combat Story"" by John G. Martin D.V.M. and ""Hump Pilots Vol. III"". I highly recommend them. Dad passed away when I was only 24. Sadly We didn't talk much about his experience. He was proud of the job he and the other soldiers did. If anyone remembers him please drop me a line or e-mail. Thank you. David H. Burley 1272 N. Milford Rd. Milford MI 48381

Name: David H. Burley Sr.

Email: Burlefarm1@aol


Subject: Looking for anyone who knew my father

Date: Friday 18-Feb-2000 15:33:28

Message: My father was Lt Irving W. DeGon. He was a pilot who served in the CBI from the summer of 1943 to Jan 1944 when he was killed in action. I would like to hear from anyone who might have known him

Name: Gary DeGon

Email: gdegon@micronetics.com


Subject: RAF 353 squadron

Date: Friday 18-Feb-2000 00:10:38

Message: I am looking for information for a Radio documentary on my great Uncle Sameul Driffield Woodman who flew with 353 Squadron (RAF) in India during the war. He was killed Aug 17 1945. If you know anything about him his death or the unit he served with I would be most greatful. Thanks Gordon gmcamero@is2.dal.ca

Name: Gordon Cameron

Email: gmcamero@is2.dal.ca


Subject: Lt. Lovell Spackman 13th Combat Cargo Squadron

Date: Wednesday 16-Feb-2000 22:24:15

Message: "Bill - A great site honoring those who fought in the forgotten theater. My father Lt. Lovell Spackman was a member of the 13th Combat Cargo Squadron 4th Combat Cargo Group flying C-46s in the CBI in 45-46. He's talked of supporting the British 14th Army in retaking Rangoon a ground loop in a C-46 overloaded with gasoline and hauling Chinese troops in China. Dad retired from the USAF in 1970 after flying C-130s around Vietnam. He has stayed active in keeping the memory of ""The Hump"" alive through his volunteer efforts at the Travis (Ca.) Air Museum and currently at the Warner Robins (Ga.)Air Museum where his leather flying jacket complete with leather 13th patch and blood chit is on display in the ""Hump"" exhibit. An ATC C-46 is on display in front of the museum. By the way I last saw a C-46 take off (a cargo carrier not a CAF bird) in 1987 at El Paso

Name: Greg Spackman

Email: gspackma@columbus.rr.com


Subject: Re: Lt. Lovell Spackman 13th Combat Cargo Squadron

Date: Saturday 8-Jul-2000 21:50:59

Message: Greg you being a member of the 13th CCS I am wondering if you knew a SGT.J.F. Curran. He was a crew member of a c-46 which ran into trouble south of Chittagong and the crew was forced to bail out...I was a member of the 500th Service Sqd. on detached service in that area...We were told by some Indians that a injured AMERICAN is in the village we went and got him and took him to Chittagong..I am just wondering about him and what events followed..... Andy


Email: teeki@sunlink.net


Subject: My Grandfather

Date: Tuesday 8-Feb-2000 08:24:47

Message: I am trying to learn more about my grandfather Jack Davis from Waco Texas. All I know is that he was a Hump Pilot during the war. Thanks

Name: Jack Davis

Email: jack.davis@fingerhut.com


Subject: any stories?

Date: Wednesday 26-Jan-2000 11:58:57

Message: My grandfather was a pilot in the 3rd Combat cargo Group 10th Squadron. His name was Edwin Y. Thompson. He only told me a few stories when I was a child. If anyone could tell me anything about him it would really mean a lot to me.

Name: Jennifer Ratliff

Email: jtrat@mindspring.com


Subject: Members of the 127 AACS

Date: Wednesday 26-Jan-2000 10:30:29

Message: I am looking for anyone connected to the 127 AACS outfit in Chabut India in the years 1943 thru 1946. I was a Radio Teletype operator and sometimes rider over the Hump.

Name: John Dale Simmons

Email: JODASI7@aol.com


Subject: Looking for grandfather's history

Date: Monday 24-Jan-2000 14:06:12

Message: I am looking for history of my grandfather's (Aylmer M. Wyche III) time in ww2. All I know is that he flew the hump during ww2. When he died 10 years ago most all was lost and I was to young to understand any of his stories he did tell me. I would appreiciate if anyone knows of what unit etc. he served in so I can have a starting point. Thank you Michaela Wyche

Name: Michaela Wyche

Email: michwyche@gnt.net


Subject: C87 ATC CBI

Date: Friday 21-Jan-2000 19:08:22

Message: "Would like to receive info on CBI. Specifically I flew out of Tezpor India to Kunming China from Jan '45 to June '45 as a crew chief and AE. My plane was C87 serial # 0581 cargo named ""MY ASSUM DRAGON"". We carried mostly 55gal drums of avation fuel. I have never been able to talk to anyone else who was there at the time I was. If you were there or know someone who was Please respond.

Name: Ben Burch

Email: boan@netzero.net


Subject: Re: C87 ATC CBI

Date: Sunday 23-Jan-2000 12:54:33

Message: Ben I've been trying to track down some information for a friend of mine Walt Kelly who was a flight engineer on a C-54 transporting fuel personnel etc over the Hump. I saw your note and will pass it along to Walt.; For your information he was in the 1346 AAF-BU-ATC unit for about 2 years. Would you have any information on this unit? Would you be interested in getting some information from Walt? I'm not sure exactly what years that he severed but I believe they may coincide with the dates that you are interested in. Best regards Wayne Baughman

Name: Wayne Baughman

Email: thegreengator@aol.com



Subject: looking for info ON flying the Hump

Date: Sunday 16-Jan-2000 15:55:18

Message: Some time in 1944 0r may be 45 I was station in Chabua India--I went to a near by air base to see a buddy of mine--was told on arrival there that he had just 5 minutes before left flying cargo over the Hump He was never heard from the USA Air Force placed him missing in action --none of his family never heard a word --only missing== to this day some 55 years later his name was lst. Lt.- Ray Wilson from Monticello Mississippi If any info please email me.

Name: \John W Hancock

Email: signal219th@webtv.net


Subject: Gen Curtis Lemay (brother )

Date: Sunday 16-Jan-2000 11:55:03

Message: This has nothing to do with combat cargo just though I would mention that I was in the signal corp-1944-station in New Delhi at the time also stationed there was a Capt. Lemay --brother to General Lemay- His brother was not in the air corp.. was in a Engeering Co. John W Hancock- signal219th@webtv.net

Name: John W Hancock

Email: signal219th@webtv.net


Subject: 59th Sv Sq - 51st Sv Gp - CBI

Date: Friday 14-Jan-2000 21:06:40

Message: My father was a redio operator/repair in the 59th Air Service Squadron 51st Air Service Group during the '42 - '45 time frame. He never seemed interested to talk about his service time until the last few years. With small amounts of info from the internet he is now becoming interested in information. Anyone able to provide any info (names/history/etc)? He has been remembering a couple of names (tent mates - Mason twins etc). Any help appreciated. Jamie Bly USAF Ret.

Name: Lee Bly

Email: wager7@borg.com


Subject: Service In CBI

Date: Wednesday 12-Jan-2000 09:26:47

Message: I agree with many of the posers that this theater has been ignored or back-paged. There are I feel some political reasons for this. I am researching this theater of operations and would welcome any data unit histories remembrances and biographies of those involved. Few know about the activities that occurred during this period. I am interested in expanding that knowledge. Anything will help.

Name: WT Jane

Email: WJ2704@aol.com


Subject: My father's locations

Date: Sunday 9-Jan-2000 22:19:45

Message: "My father was a flight surgeon with a Combat Cargo unit somewhere in India. Since he spoke little of his service there and since he has died I would like to find out more about where he was and especially what unit(s)he served. Here are the facts that I have...he was Captain Bill Spear (his nickname at Pinellas was ""Quacko"" but I am not sure it stuck.) I have a picture of him somewhere in India leaning on a C-47 propeller. His pictures have the following names on the back--Kobo Kemi-Nodi Shillong Pasighat. I also know he flew the hump with the pilots in order to give them confidence. (Hey it was always nice to have a doctor along.) Plus he felt that he needed to know what the pilots had to endure in order to make good decisions about when to ground pilots and when to let them fly. He always said his hardest decisions of his life were about grounding pilots that were too sick to fly. They were so damned committed to flying and they hated it when he grounded them. But he was just trying to keep them alive. I have one picture with a C-47 with a large number 490 on the tail with a smaller number 119490 underneath it. Also I have a picture with my father and Max Baer. That picture is a large newspaper photo with several good pictures of young smiling and laughing pilots. My father was also a friend of Pat Obren's (the actor). If any of the above helps place my father anywhere please contact me. Thank you and thank all you men for our freedoms that we know today. Bob Spear

Name: Bob Spear

Email: rspear@rci.rutgers.edu


Subject: Hump flying

Date: Friday 7-Jan-2000 19:38:50

Message: I flew the hump with the 2nd troop carrier the full year of 1943 as a navigator.; I had a question that has bothered me for years It concerns a rescue mission we flew on Aug 2nd<BR>of that year. We were told that we were searching for the Eric Sevareid C-46 that lost an engine and they all had to bail out. The crew on that plane were Lieutenants Spain and Felix. Felix bailed out when they were too close to the ground and he did not survive.

Name: Andy Kelly

Email: beewon@ aol.com


Subject: looking for someone who knew my father

Date: Wednesday 5-Jan-2000 00:01:15

Message: my father William K. Scherer missing 1/6/45 flight from chunking to assam i believe. i have only the telegram my mother received. he was a captain. was a C46 I believe not sure he was an engineer worked on Berma road. He was from Yonkers new york. He would have been about 29 years old. I am 56 we never saw each other. Any help appriciated. thankyou bill Scherer

Name: bill scherer

Email: carntyne@computer.net


Subject: 1st ERS

Date: Wednesday 29-Dec-1999 11:50:41

Message: Was with the 1st ERS as a crew member on a B-17. A crew member e-mailed me and suggested that we were stationed in Tezgon (now in Balgledesh). My records indicate that we were based near the city of Agartala in northern Assam. Anyone out there who can verify this? NOTE: Our unit became the 7th ERS when we arrived in Okinawa.

Name: Phil Dunham

Email: capdragon@vvm.com


Subject: 565th Army AirForces Base Unit

Date: Sunday 26-Dec-1999 00:30:46

Message: Am looking for any info on my grandfather's unit (see subject line). He never much talked about his sevice but would really be glad for anything I can find out about it..I have alot of his stuff from his time...but would love to find out anything more that I can. I can't seem to find anything here about his group at all. Thanks for any replies anyone may have Phil Layman

Name: Phil Layman

Email: ph68il@aol.com


Subject: Book: Flying the Hump in Original WWII Color

Date: Saturday 18-Dec-1999 00:36:04

Message: "Gentlemen: I could really use your help. My good friend Frank Morgan has asked me to locate a special book for him. His father Robert Morgan piloted C-46's ""Over the Hump"" during WWII. Frank would really like to locate a new copy of the book ""Flying the Hump in Original World War II Color"" as a special remembrance of his dad (who passed away about 5 years ago Any help you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Name: Budde King

Email: BKEServices@worldnet.att.net


Subject: Hump Flights

Date: Friday 17-Dec-1999 20:06:25

Message: I was stationed at Barrackpore and flew the hump<BR> for about a year from Jan.45 until Nov. we flew mostly C54's although I did make a few trips in C46's our destination was mostly Kunming China but did also go into Luchow a few times anyone who flew the Hump has many stories to tell my most vivid memory was the ever changing weather we didn't have the present day weather science our was almost just stick your head our and look and expect it to change I should have said earlier I was a Flight Radio Operator my training was at the Reno A.A.F. base there as training we flew over the mountains into Calif. I was thrilled to find your page for some our theatre has been the forgotten war even though the air lifts over the Hump moved more cargo then any other lift anywhere thanks a million and keep up the good work C.R.(Bob) Pitzer

Name: Charles R.(Bob) Pitzer

Email: crpitzer@ntrnet.net


Subject: Re: Hump Flights

Date: Sunday 9-Jul-2000 13:09:38

Message: Radio Operator and DF at Mengsa in the hump. Call sign was Sugar Nan. Were we ever in touch?

Name: Ralph Jarvis

Email: ralfie4@junno.com


Subject: USAAF 1305th Air Transport Command

Date: Thursday 16-Dec-1999 10:48:33

Message: My father in law flew in the CBI theatre of operations in the 1305th ATC out of Dum Dum Field Calcutta during WWII. I am looking for websites that contain information on the history of this unit and it's operations (or other sources). Searches on the net have come up empty. Does anyone here have any ideas for me?

Name: Ross

Email: rgsinclair@mediaone.net


Subject: Re: USAAF 1305th Air Transport Command

Date: Tuesday 14-Mar-2000 22:14:42

Message: Hi Ross ; My Dad was in the 1305th ATC also. Have you had any luck obtaining info? I have just begun my search and the family records are very incomplete. I will be going thru a lot of pictures the next time I go home. I would like to hear from you and any info you might have. Sincerely Jim Burton

Name: Jim Burton

Email: burton1@pipeline.com


Subject: Seeking info on Cellier

Date: Tuesday 14-Dec-1999 18:54:33

Message: "I'm looking for any information pertaining to service by Alfred Cellier Jr. (US AAF) in the CBI during WWII.

Name: Al Cellier

Email: acellier@caprica.com


Subject: 198th Station Hospital Dacca

Date: Thursday 9-Dec-1999 20:02:23

Message: My father Lt.Col. Francis A. Fagone was C.O. of the 198th Station Hospital Dacca from late 1944 into 1946. This hospital served two adjacent air bases which sent planes over the Hump. He often told of frequent takeoff and landing crashes and of treating many burned airmen. I'm trying to identify the bases involved. Maps on this site suggest that it was the general area of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group but the nearest bases shown are Argatala and Fenny. As my father described it their bases were closer. If anyone knew this hospital or better yet my father I'd be interested in hearing. Also if anyone is interested I have photos of the hospital and a staff roster from late 1944. I'd be glad to scan images and send them.

Name: Frank Fagone

Email: frankf@magpage.com


Subject: information on Lt. John M. Sherman 10th Air comd

Date: Wednesday 8-Dec-1999 15:14:50

Message: I'm looking for information on my father 2nd Lt. John Montogomery Sherman (Pete) Dad flew out of India with the combat cargo air wing. over the hump. His C-47 was named Ginger. Dad will be 80 this December 28. I would like to give him a surprise persent of any information on his old air wing. I do not know which group he flew with but his flight jacket had a patch with a C-47 and it was inside a hirse shoe.Dad does not talk much about his time in the CBI but he does enjoy hearing about his old love the C-47. I'm a Viet Nam Vet and I understant his feelings. I hope an old comrad could send me some information to make his birthday something else. Thank you. Former SSgt John A. Sherman

Name: John A. Sherman

Email: Sher1918@aol.com


Subject: Re: information on Lt. John M. Sherman 10th Air comd

Date: Thursday 16-Dec-1999 10:59:17

Message: "Hi John. I am attempting to research the USAAF Air Transport Command as well for two reasons: I am involved in an online flight simulation named ""Warbirds"". This Sim is about to introduce the ""C-47"" into the game. So I am interested in it's history in the CBI theatre. ) My father in law (Lt.)Bob Werner also flew the HUMP (and I have worn his Uniform and Flight Jacket both!!). He Flew out of Dum Dum Field Calcutta. His unit was the 1305th Air Transport Command of the US Army Air Forces. I am having a hard time digging up any information on this unit. Just wanted to let you know that there are more of us out here ""digging"". I'll let you know if I come up with anything. Would you please do the same for me? Regards Ross Sinclair Honoring the pilots of WWII in the online flight simulation; ""Warbirds"" . Colonel ""Neon"" Executive Officer 78th Fighter Group ""Duxford Eagles"" "" Above the Foe"" & Name: Ross Sinclair

Email: rgsinclair@mediaone.net


Subject: The Christmas Poem of a Soldier

Date: Tuesday 7-Dec-1999 23:57:34

Message: "This poem was sent to by Mrs. Arlene Vickers wife of Norman Vickers a Crew Chief with the 14th Combat Cargo Squadron 4th Combat Cargo Group. She requested that I pass it along and I figured how best to pass it along would be posting it here on the Message Board. Feel free to copy it and send it on to others. Soldier's Christmas Poem ' Twas the night before Christmas He lived all alone In a one bedroom house made of Plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney With presents to give And to see just who In this home did live. I looked all about; A strange sight I did see No tinsel no presents Not even a tree. No stocking by mantle Just boots filled with sand On the wall hung pictures Of far distant lands. With medals and badges Awards of all kinds A sober thought Came through my mind. For this house was different It was dark and dreary I found the home of a soldier Once I could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping Silent alone Curled up on the floor In this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle The room in such disorder; Not how I pictured A United States soldier. Was this the hero Of whom I just read? Curled up on a poncho The floor for a bed? ; I realized the families That I saw this night Owed their lives to these soldier; Who were willing to fight. Soon round the world The children would play And grownups would celebrate A bright Christmas day. They all enjoyed freedom Each month of the year Because of the soldiers Like the one lying here. I couldn't help wonder How many lay alone On a cold Christmas eve In a land far from home. The very thought Brought a tear to my eye I dropped to my knees And started to cry. The soldier awakened And I heard a rough voice ""Santa don't cry This life is my choice; I fight for freedom I don't ask for more My life is my god My country my corps."" The soldier rolled over And drifted to sleep I couldn't control it I continued to weep. I kept watch for hours & So silent and still And we both shivered From the cold night's chill. I didn't want to leave On that cold dark night This guardian of honor So willing to fight. Then the soldier rolled over With a voice soft and pure Whispered ""carry on Santa It's Christmas day all is secure. "" One look at my watch And I knew he was right. ""Merry Christmas my friend And to all a good night. ""; This poem was written by a Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan. The following is his request which I believe is very reasonable..... Please. Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our US service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes living and dead who sacrificed themselves for us. Please do your small part to plant this small seed.; Bill B

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comcar.org


Subject: 52nd air service group

Date: Sunday 5-Dec-1999 15:54:05

Message: looking for information on my late father's group history. I believe he was stationed in Tezgon India but not sure about the spelling of the town or area. He was with the 52nd air service group. Any info would be much appreciated

Name: jefff thomas

Email: jgthomas@home.com


Subject: Re: 52nd Air Service Group

Date: Friday 17-Mar-2000 15:03:15

Message: Your inquiry about your dad serving with the 52 Air Service Group might be in error I was based at Tezgoan with the 54th Air Service Group also the 89th Air Service Group....to the best of my knowledge we were the only A.S.G. at Tezgoan...we were there from Feb.44 to Jan. 46...our squadron was the 500th Service Group...I hope I could help you with some answers to your..questions......

Name: Popalis Anrew T.

Email: teeki@sunlink.com


Subject: 317th Fighter Control Squadron China

Date: Friday 3-Dec-1999 22:38:29

Message: "Looking for info on (or anyone who served with) the 317th Fighter Control Squadron in China. Specifically during the years 1943 to 1945 when the unit served at Cian (or Xian) the ""upper base"" and Chentgu the ""lower base"". I am the son of Sergeant Edward F Callaway a member of the 317th and CBI veteran. Thanks.

Name: Lane Callaway

Email: wlc@palmnet.net


Subject: 322nd Combat Engineers

Date: Thursday 2-Dec-1999 13:37:11

Message: My dad as assigned to the 322nd Combat Engineers and sent to Le Harve France in 1944 and from there to Pilson Checoslovakia.Would like to know if any one is still around that he might have known or recalls some of the events they went through.

Name: Walter(Nick ) Nichols

Email: wdnnkle2@hotmail.com


Subject: The Great SNAFU Fleet (1st CCS)

Date: Thursday 2-Dec-1999 10:46:02

Message: Am writing a history of The Great SNAFU Fleet; 1st Combat Cargo Squadron & 344th Airdrome Squadron which were combined in Sep 45 as the 326 Troop Carrier Squadron. The 326th is now an Air Force Reserve C-5 unit at Dover AFB. I have a book I am trying to get published but have very limited means. Am hopeful there is a university press out there who will take a chance on the unknown units of combat cargo in the forgotten theater of the CBI. Estimate sales of 1500 - 2500 if published. If anyone knows of an interested publisher please let me know. If you have information on the 1st CCS/344 AS/326 TCS or desire same please contact me. Thanks!

Name: Jerry White

Email: jerrywhite@erols.com


Subject: Request for Info: ATC Groups

Date: Monday 29-Nov-1999 16:39:00

Message: November 29 1999 Can you help me find web pages on the USAAF American ATC or USAAF Eastern Air Transport Command Groups that pioneered the Routes to Asia Europe. My brother John was at the very start of WW2 was attached to one of these groups. He served in both of them during the war. He was a navigator.

Name: Billy Ringwald

Email: bringwald@tds.net


Subject: CBI

Date: Tuesday 23-Nov-1999 19:17:21

Message: T?Sgt Geurge B Bockman Crew Chief o C47 ARRIVED Sept. 44 until sept 44 from Luliang chinaanyone from the 11th COMBAT cARGO s rEAD A BUNCH OF THE cbi ROUND UP BUT NOT A WORD OF THE 11TH cc SQ


Email: mommymurph@home.com


Subject: 6th Ferrying Squad

Date: Tuesday 23-Nov-1999 17:00:47

Message: I just found a stack of letters from my Uncle Richard Stapleford who was assigned to something called the 6th Ferrying Squad from 1942 to late 1943. He was stationed somewhere in India and was a radioman/navigator. His plane was lost over Burma; they never found any trace of it. Until I found these letters I had never heard of a Ferrying Squad. I would love to find out more if anyone knows anything about these units.

Name: Mary Cunningham

Email: mary.cunningham@gsa.gov


Subject: Re: 6th Ferrying Squad

Date: Thursday 9-Dec-1999 01:00:16

Message: My father served in the Air Force Ferrying Comand before flying the Hump. He was stationed in Long Beach California. From that location he would fly new B-17's B-25's B24's & C-47's to all parts of the globe. He then joined the newly formed Combat Cargo Squdron. He is looking for members of the 9th Combat Cargo Unit. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: Ruben Gonzalez

Email: tripps4@prodigy.net


Subject: Veterans Day 11/11/1999

Date: Thursday 11-Nov-1999 08:11:12

Message: "Here is a poem author unknown submitted by Don Nash 4th Combat Cargo Squadron JUST A SIMPLE SOLDIER He was getting old and paunchy And his hair was falling fast & And he sat around the Legion Telling stories of the past. Of a war that he had fought in And the deeds that he had done. n his exploits with his buddies; They were heroes everyone. And 'tho sometimes to his neighbors His tales became a joke & All his buddies listened For they knew whereof he spoke. & But we'll hear his tales no longer For ol' Bob has passed away And the world's a little poorer For a soldier died today He won't be mourned by many Just his children and his wife. or he lived an ordinary Very quiet sort of life. He held a job and raised a family Quietly going on his way And the world won't note his passing; 'tho a Soldier died today. When politicians leave this earth Their bodies lie in state While thousands note their passing And proclaim that they were great. Papers tell of their life stories From the time that they were young But the passing of a soldier Goes unnoticed and unsung. Is the greatest contribution To the welfare of our land ome jerk who breaks his promise And cons his fellow man? Or the ordinary fellow Who in times of war and strife goes off to serve his Country And offers up his life? he politician's stipend And the style in which he lives re sometimes disproportionate To the service he gives. While the ordinary soldier Who offered up his all Is paid off with a medal And perhaps a pension small. It's so easy to forget them For it is so long ago & hat our Bob's and Jim's and Johnny's Went to battle but we know. It was not the politicians With their compromise and ploys ho won for us the freedom That our Country now enjoys. Should you find yourself in danger With your enemies at hand Would you really want some cop-out With his ever waffling stand? Or would you want a Soldier Who has sworn to defend His home his kin and Country And would fight until the end? He was just a common Soldier And his ranks are growing thin But his presence should remind us We may need his like again. For when countries are in conflict Then we find the Soldier's part Is to clean up all the troubles That the politicians start. If we cannot do him honor While he's here to hear the praise Then at least let's give him homage At the ending of his days. Perhaps just a simple headline in the paper that might say: ""OUR COUNTRY IS IN MOURNING FOR A SOLDIER DIED TODAY.""; Author Unknown; Have a Great Veterans Day and remember you are not forgotten. Bill Bielauskas Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comcar.org


Subject: Veterans Day

Date: Wednesday 10-Nov-1999 22:26:42

Message: "Just want to let all the veterans out there they are not forgotten. Have a Great Veterans Day. Just received this from Herb Patton 4th Combat Cargo Squadron 1st Combat Cargo Group CBI. What is a Veteran. He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating two gallons a day making sure the armored personnel carriers didn't run out of fuel. He is the barroom loudmouth dumber than five wooden planks whose overgrown frat-boy behavior is outweighed a hundred times in the cosmic scales by four hours of exquisite bravery near the 38th parallel. She or he is the nurse who fought against futility and went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years in Da Nang. He is the POW who went away one person and came back another - or didn't come back AT ALL. He is the Quantico drill instructor who has never seen combat - but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines and teaching them to watch each other's backs. & He is the parade - riding Legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand. He is the career quartermaster who watches the ribbons and medals pass him by. He is the three anonymous heroes in The Tomb of The Unknowns whose presence at the Arlington National Cemetery must forever preserve the memory of all the anonymous heroes whose valor dies unrecognized with them on the battlefield or in the ocean's sunless deep. He is the old guy bagging groceries at the supermarket - palsied now and aggravatingly slow - who helped liberate a Nazi death camp and who wishes all day long that his wife were still alive to hold him when the nightmares come. He is an ordinary and yet an extraordinary human being - a person who offered some of his life's most vital years in the service of his country and who sacrificed his ambitions so others would not have to sacrifice theirs. He is a soldier and a savior and a sword against the darkness and he is nothing more than the finest greatest testimony on behalf of the finest greatest nation ever known. S o remember each time you see someone who has served our country just lean over and say ""Thank You"". That's all most people need and in most cases it will mean more than any medals they could have been awarded or were awarded. Two little words that mean a lot ""THANK YOU"". Remember November 11th is Veterans Day

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill@comcar.org


Subject: 18th Airdrome Squadron

Date: Thursday 4-Nov-1999 00:20:36

Message: I'm in the process of redesigning my squadron's patch (18 OSS) and would like to incorporate its WWII history into it Here's a little of that history... The 18th Airdrome Squadron was activated on 4 Jan 1943 at Bowman Field Kentucky. Their mission was training cargo/glider pilots. It > then moved to Baer Field Indiana on 11 Mar 1943. After being; deactivated on 31 Jan 1944 it was reactivated under the 13th Air Force on 15 Jan 1947 at Fort William McKinley Luzon Philippines. Then on 15 Mar 1947 it was moved to Naha Airfield Okinawa Japan where it was assigned under the 301st Fighter Wing. It was & deactivated again on 21 Aug 1948 but reactivated as the 18th; Operations Support Squadron on 1 Oct 1999 at Kadena Air Base Okinawa Japan. If you could supply any information on the 18th Airdrome squadron picture of its patch/emblem or a description it would be much; appreciated!; Thank you very much for your time; 1st Lt Jonathan B. Leslie 18 OSS Section Commander; Kadena AB Okinawa Japan &

Name: Jonathan Leslie

Email: Jonathan.Leslie@kadena.af.mil


Subject: Lt Malvin H. Smith

Date: Sunday 31-Oct-1999 00:05:23

Message: "I would like to contact anyone who flew the Hump with my father. He is now deceased and I would like to tell his granddaughter about her grandad. I would like to knopw more about his history. My mother believes the name of his aircraft to be ""Cairo Carmen"" Thanks "

Name: Larry Smith

Email: 68gto@plateautel.net


Subject: Re: Lt Malvin H. Smith

Date: Sunday 28-Nov-1999 17:06:32

Message: "My father flew the ""Hump"" and received several awards. He kept excellent historical records and I went through those records last night. I have three excellent quality GENERAL ORDERS issued by HQ AAF India - Burma Theater 30 Mar 45 and 4 Mar 45 as well as HQ India China Division ATC 29 Sep 45. These documents list many names of personnel receiving DFC Solders Medal and Air Medal. I was unable to locate the name of your father. There is an excellent table top book on the Hump that you might be interested in. The title is FLYING THE HUMP by Jeff Ethell Don Downie/ 076031131/published 1995 by Motorbooks International. Best Wishes W. BURGIN LCDR USN (Ret) navynfo@earthlink.net


Email: navynfo@earthlink.net


Subject: Re: Lt Malvin H. Smith

Date: Thursday 1-Mar-2001 15:03:17

Message: Larry Your father was a passenger on the plane that my father Benny V Green was crew chief of when they went overseas. Lt. Mumford was the pilot. My dad remembers yours well. My dads address is 5235 Flint Shawnee Ks. or call him at 913-631-5284. Ken Green

Name: Ken Green

Email: cyngrn@msn.com


Subject: Looking for books pamphlets maps etc re Burma

Date: Saturday 16-Oct-1999 10:33:21

Message: We are looking to buy any books booklets pamphlets documents maps photos etc related to Burma. We are located in the UK and are the UK's Burma specialists. Please feel free to e-mail us with any offers. Thanks.

Name: Right Now Books (Burma)/Kyaw Kyaw Win

Email: RNBooks@aol.com


Subject: 63 Sqd 403 troop carrier group 13 Af

Date: Thursday 9-Sep-1999 13:10:14

Message: Would like to hear from anyone who served with this outfit in the pacific.the 63 Sqd has held 10 reunions and we would like you at the next one if possible but would like regardless to hear from you. Jim

Name: james kirkpatrick

Email: volunteers@earthlink.net


Subject: "Lt Loren Raymond ""Ray"" Thompson"

Date: Friday 20-Aug-1999 21:59:41

Message: My father Ray Thompson was killed in June of 1944 in Hsing Kun Dinj and was based in Mohanbari India. He was a co-pilot on C-46 's. I would appreciate any information on him or his squadron. I would also be interested in attending any reunions if any of Hump Pilots. My email is tomt@cconnect.net and my home phone is 252-636-2976.

Name: Tom Thompson

Email: Tomt@cconnect.net


Subject: Lt. John Mansfield Mason O-825664

Date: Tuesday 17-Aug-1999 20:41:43

Message: Did anybody know John Mason? C-46 pilot he was killed in Myitkyina on VJ Day.

Name: Chris Stout

Email: Red47tc@aol.com



Date: Tuesday 17-Aug-1999 16:23:15

Message: hi bill: i now have my computer and my e-mail address which is BUDNGIN1@AOL.COM ----i like the writeup you put on the internet.good job George(Bud)Williamson





Date: Saturday 14-Aug-1999 19:21:04

Message: "We are working hard towards trying to preserve The Declaration of Independence The Bill of Rights The Constitution of the United States of America and all it’s Amendments. If you have the same interests. Please visit our new Message Board href="" http://www.InsideTheWeb.com/mbs.cgi/mb697717 "" "Click Here" Name:



Subject: Please visit the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring

Date: Saturday 14-Aug-1999 14:03:06

Message: "Very nice Web site you have here. Please visit the Web sites of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring. We hope with the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring to encourage others to read about the sacrifices so many made during this period of recent history. Thank you for visiting and posting on the discussion forum at the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring Web Site. (www.tonkinyachts.cjb.net) . I invite others to join us in the discussion forum on the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring Web site. http://members.tripod.com/oilchange/listof.htm"" Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web RingA Webmaster: Please place a link to us on your links page!"

Name: Harold Matula

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Subject: 403rd Troop Carrier Group 13th Troop Carrier Squadren

Date: Wednesday 14-Jul-1999 19:43:52

Message: My grandfather 2LT Thomas Gordon Cooper was a pilot in the 403rd Troop Carrier Group during 1944-1945. He was the copilot on a C-46 that crashed on October 20 1945 into Mt. Agami near the village of Kami Omi Honshu Japan. All crew members on board were killed. Our family is searching for any information about this crash/duty that anyone might have. The official records all contraindicate each other and his daughter (my mother) would like to know what happened.; Any information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Name: Dori Fritz

Email: dfritz@iquest.net


Subject: CBI

Date: Wednesday 16-Jun-1999 13:55:07

Message: My father was in WWII; China-Burma-India theater patches are on his coat and leather American-Chinese Blood Chit on the back. He was a master sergeant/radio operator in the air transport command; I don't know which command # (how do I find out?). If still alive he would be 85. His name was Jack Gardner and he was from Colorado. Are there any groups that you know of that I may email to see if by chance they knew my dad. I would love to hear stories of their WWII escapades if they did. Thank you. Jill Hups Westminster CO

Name: Jill Hups

Email: jhup@aol.com


Subject: Re: CBI

Date: Monday 16-Aug-1999 20:52:52

Message: Hi Jil...Many members of ATC Units are members of the Hump Pilots Assoc. You can contact them asking to place your request in the Newsletter that is sent to every ex-ATC member. Someone may be able to help you. Send your request to Hump Pilots Assoc. P.O.Box 458 Poplar Bluff Mo. 63902 c/o L.F.Roeder


Email: Ge ENEMAR49


Subject: Re: CBI

Date: Thursday 13-Jan-2000 14:21:50

Message: Jill - I am new to this message board - just discovered it. I am also new at finding out about my Uncle Neil's service during WWII so I am beginning to gather info. My Uncle - Cornelius Erickson is still living in the Bronx. He is 82 years old and has trouble seeing and doesn't get around like he used to much to his chagrin. His mind however is as sharp as ever and he is still quite feisty. He can't talk on the phone for very long at once so I am gathering little bits of information as I can. Neil served in the CBI theater as a flight engineer on cargo planes. B24's converted for cargo/tank. He served in ATC from August (he thinks) 1943 until Aug 1945. I am just now learning what questions to ask by reading sites such as this one. I feel very lucky that my dear uncle can still share history with me. If you like I can ask specific questions if someone will tell me what questions to ask. I hope that you get lots of replies. I will check back here regularly. By the way - I am in Bailey CO. My son lives in Westminster. Small world!

Name: Sheri C

Email: baileysc@usa.net


Subject: Bennettsville SC

Date: Monday 7-Jun-1999 10:49:24

Message: I am the current owner of a PT-17 Stearman that served at the Contract Pilot School operated by Southeastern Air Service Inc owner Cody Laird in Bennettsville SC. I am looking for records pilot log books and any information about the field... I believe it was called Palmer Field named in honor of William White Palmer of Bennettsville World War I ace who flew with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker's 94th Pursuit Squadron... and the Primary flight training conducted there during the WWII. The aircraft has been restored and is flying. If you still have your pilot's log book I'd enjoy hearing from you to find out if you once flew my Stearman.

Name: Brian Riggs

Email: briggs@itp.eds.com


Subject: NEW E-ZINE

Date: Saturday 5-Jun-1999 15:04:14

Message: Hi There...My name is Tim Mullin. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I have recently created a new E-zine..(online magazine) for VETERANS and all Military Personnel past and present. I invite you to check it out. For FREE sign on simply send a blank e-mail addressed to: vet-netUSA-on@mail-list.com I call the E-zine Vet-NetUSA. I have been online with this for about 2 months now and the E-zine has been well received. There is nothing to buy. It's FREE. My E-zine promises to be informative enlightening humorous and above all CREATIVE! And if you do enjoy it could you please help to spread the word about it? This is all I ask in return for some quality reading. THANK YOU for your time....Sincerely TIM MULLIN Publisher Vet-NetUSA; .s. If you need more information please feel free to email me....Thanks

Name: Vet-NetUSA

Email: vet-netUSA-on@mail-list.com


Subject: Dad was in 4th Combat Cargo

Date: Saturday 29-May-1999 15:51:54

Message: My dad served in the 4th on C-46 aircraft. He pumped gas and stuff. He just located his papers from WW II. Im not sure what Sq he was in but I will check. He is in good health living in Niagara Falls NY. Bob Huffman

Name: Robert Huffman

Email: rhuf747026@aol.com




Date: Tuesday 25-May-1999 13:29:52






Date: Wednesday 28-Jul-1999 13:18:39

Message: Sir My father Joe Lipera was a pilot of a C-47 and a member of a Combaat Cargo Squadron. He said he flew out of Dinjan India but doesn't remember the squadron number. It could have been the 11th Combat Cargo Sq which was redesignated the 332d Troop Carrier Sq in April 1945 because Dinjan was a station of the 11th . Do you know if he was assigned to the 11th/332d? Another possibility is the 10th Combat Cargo Sq/331st Troop Carrier Sq. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide. Sincerely Ron Lipera

Name: Ron Lipera

Email: liperar@af.pentagon.mil


Subject: Airborne Engineers - CBI

Date: Friday 21-May-1999 14:15:09

Message: I am researching the Airborne Engineers of WWII and in the CBI the 900th and the 879th Airborne Aviation Engineers participated in a number of operations. If anyone has any information on these units I sure would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks...........=)Great Website! <BR>

Name: Steve Hansen

Email: HRWebfoot@aol.com


Subject: 11th Combat Cargo Squad - Burma

Date: Friday 16-Apr-1999 11:08:15

Message: My dad Thomas (Tommy) Bell flew with the 11th Combat Cargo Squad in Burma. He recently passed away and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or who served with him. I would like to learn of stories to pass on to my kids. Thanks in advance Kim.

Name: Kim Bell Thibodeaux

Email: KThibod908@aol.com


Subject: Who knew me in Chabua

Date: Tuesday 13-Apr-1999 09:27:33

Message: Trying to locate anyone who remembers me from the 127 AACS located in Chabua. I was a Radio Teletype Operator in 1945 and 1946. I also worked at Hasting Mill Calcuta for a period time. Also spent some time at the air base in Karachi (then India). I went from Long Beach Ca. to Karachi on a liberty Ship with 16 others at a combat communications outfit. Which was disbanded when reaching Karachi. Would like anyone who remembers me from these areas to contact me and discuss our good times over there. John Dale Simmons

Name: John D Simmons

Email: JODASI@aol. com


Subject: medic 19th liaison sq

Date: Monday 12-Apr-1999 21:43:39

Message: "SO GLAD TO SEE A SITE LIKE THIS ....GREAT WORK! ! ! my dad was a medic in the CBI theatre from 42-45 ...he was with a liaison sq.w/ the 14th aaf..he spoke of the c-46 47& b-25's that he flew on back and forth from india to bases in china....he might have been in the s/r group named ""BLACKIES BUNCH or GROUP"" AS A MEDIC but also worked closely w/ the liaison sq to fly the wounded out...if anybody knows anything about the liaison sq s or medics in ANY of the different groups in the CBI theatre please let me know??? thank you again! !

Name: von otto

Email: vonotto@airbrush-vonotto com


Subject: father

Date: Saturday 3-Apr-1999 19:29:38

Message: Hi my name is Lisa and this is my father's website I just wanted to tell my dad it is awesome

Name: Lisa Bielauskas



Subject: Re: father

Date: Saturday 10-Apr-1999 20:01:03

Message: Hi Lisa: i agree with you that your Dads website is awesome. you can be very proud of him and the great job he is doing in remembering all us Vets. I try to give the URL to everone I talk to whom I think might be interested. Sincerely Herb Patton

Name: Herb Patton

Email: hilltop@icx.net


Subject: Re: father

Date: Thursday 6-Jan-2000 01:25:25

Message: You fathers site is as you say awsome . He has just helped me with info on the crash of the C46 my dad was killed on in jan 1945. I cant belive that he is so thoughtfull and he has made me fell good. I think you have one hell of a dad and I can only hope that my dad would have been like him. thanks lisa Bill Scherer

Name: BILL scherer

Email: carntyne@computer.net


Subject: Re: father

Date: Thursday 25-May-2000 23:02:54

Message: I simply agree. Your Dad and I are communicating we'll see if he can't get a 349th webpage on here shortly. You Dad is doing a GOOD thing. Be proud he's helping out thousands of folks me included.

Name: Tom

Email: tomtom@atomic.net


Subject: Howard Dubuque

Date: Monday 15-Mar-1999 16:52:54

Message: Looking for info on Howard Dubuque he was born 30AP1924 died 28JAN1992 his military number was 39218165 he was a SSGT. and discharged 5 may1946 his papers say he was discharged from 4 com corp apo 218. He is my wife's father and we're trying to find out what squadron he was in and a little history of it. We believe he was a radio operator. He flew in the CBI theater. Any info appreciated. We think he was in 1943 to 46. Thanks

Name: Terry Reams and Connie Dubuque Reams

Email: reamst@wdni.com


Subject: Mr. Peanut

Date: Thursday 4-Mar-1999 09:34:19

Message: My father Major John W. Hash U.S. Army Medical Corps was stationed at Jorhat near Chabua in Assam. He told me about a four engine plane named Mr. Peanut that made it back from over the hump to Chabua on the number one engine alone. Dad passed away in February 1985. His buddy Dr. A. C. Chandler an ophthalmologist passed away last year. Any information about Mr. Peanut or Jorhat Chabua or the 234th General Hospital would be appreciated. Great web site. jlhash@aol.com

Name: John L. Hash

Email: jlhash@aol.com


Subject: Missing B-24j

Date: Tuesday 2-Mar-1999 22:58:00

Message: Im looking for imformation on a B-24j with #511 on the tail & nose art of Donald Duck & Chip & Dale trying to find lost imformation on a Walter B. Shenk Cpl. Ball Turret gunner that flew over the hump. i am looking for his daughter Walter is now deceased.

Name: Joe Straskulic

Email: jstrauss@pld.com


Subject: Combat Cargo CBI

Date: Sunday 10-Jan-1999 16:59:57

Message: "I was a radio operator (Airborne) in the CBI during WW2. I was a member of the 4th combat cargo squadron 1st combat cargo group. Would like to hear more from some of the guys who were over there during that time. I am 76 years old and live with my wife of 47 years in Tennessee.If you have a computer send me E-Mail or if not I will send you my address on request. I just found this site and am thrilled that someone has remembered ""the Forgotten War"" Herb"

Name: Herb Patton

Email: hilltop@icx.net


Subject: Re: Combat Cargo CBI

Date: Thursday 14-Jan-1999 15:17:04

Message: Herb Tried to write you but e-mail was returned twice. There must be something wrong with the address I have. John Van Lieu van@nantucket.net

Name: John Van Lieu

Email: van@nantucket.net


Subject: Re: Combat Cargo CBI

Date: Thursday 14-Jan-1999 23:41:49

Message: Herb; My father served with the construction group that you most likely helped supply while they built the Burma Road. I would love to hear about this or any contacts you had with them. Also since my father is gone.. I will say thanks for what you and others did to help him and your country so long ago. (Sergeant is teh name he gave me after his rank I served in the USMC during 1967-1971).

Name: Sergeant Austin

Email: RADS@worldnet.att.net


Subject: Re: Combat Cargo CBI

Date: Tuesday 13-Apr-1999 10:07:13

Message: Hi; You did not say where you were stationed in the CBI. I was in Karachi Hasting Mills Calcutta and Chabua. 127 AACS. Would like to hear from you. Time is thining out the ones from CBI. JODASI@aol.com

Name: John D. Sommons

Email: JODASI@aol.com


Subject: Re: Combat Cargo CBI

Date: Tuesday 25-Apr-2000 16:30:29

Message: Mr. Patton I am looking for anyone who may know anything about my great-uncle Hugh Patton. He was a crewman on a transport that flew the Hump. My grandmother his sister has not seen him in 20 years. She will be 90 this year Uncle Hugh would be 83. If you know anything of him I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line. At last contact he was living in Texas. Thanks Howard May

Name: Howard May

Email: HBMAY@hotmail.com


Subject: 125th AACS Squadron CBI

Date: Sunday 20-Dec-1998 18:34:01

Message: "Would like to hear from any members of this group. I served as a radio operator and direction finder equipment in the hump in 1945.Call sign was ""Sugar Nan"". Home base was Kunming.;"

Name: Ralph Jarvis

Email: ralfie4@juno.com


Subject: CBI Theatre of Operations

Date: Saturday 5-Dec-1998 21:35:20

Message: My uncle was a crew member of a plane in the CBI theatre. I have heard him remark of his years with this group. When I discovered this site last night I wished that he were with me as he would be so happy to see this. He passed away on his birthday in November of 1997. If anyone can remember him please advise me. His name was Frank King from North Carolina. He had a girlfriend in N.C. by the name of Mary Rose and at one time there was an aircraft - a C46 - by the name of the Carolina Rose. Would like to hear from anyone who might remember him. Thanks. Bill Knight

Name: Bill Knight

Email: bknight@interpath.com


Subject: CBI:308th Bombardment Group WWII

Date: Saturday 28-Nov-1998 12:04:57

Message: I was a Squadron Clerk in the 308th Bomb Gp in China in 1945. The group (of B-24s) was engaged in cargo operations over the hump at that time. Stationed at Chengtu Szechuan province. Any others around? Phil

Name: Philip Grossman

Email: Philg3584@aol.com



Date: Sunday 22-Nov-1998 23:05:45

Message: GREAT webpage--Tons of REAL American infohttp://www.angelfire.com/nv/cceducate/


Email: commiecrusher@webtv.net


Subject: 3rd. Combat Cargo China Burma India campaign

Date: Thursday 5-Nov-1998 12:34:27

Message: "My father was a US Army Air Corp Captain attached to the 3rd. Combat Cargo in the WWII China Burma India theatre. He flew countless hours over the ""hump"" in C47s. He is 82 years old and very alert mentally and has a wealth of fascinating tales to tell about those times. I know he would love to hear from anyone who participated in the CBI campaign. His summer home address is: Jess R. Shick Box 478 3rd. Bay Drummond Island Michigan 49726...Phone # [906] 493-5494. From Nov. 15th thru April 30th he can be reached at: 8800 Thomas Dr. Unit 264 Panama City Beach Fla. 32408... Phone # [904] 233-1951. On his behalf since my father does not have a computer or access to E-Mail please feel free to call or write to him regarding past experiences flying the ""hump"". "

Name: Jess R. Shick II

Email: shickj2@mfia.state.mi.us


Subject: Re: 3rd. Combat Cargo China Burma India campaign

Date: Tuesday 22-Feb-2000 20:54:56

Message: Dear Jess: I was looking through the internet searching for information on military jeeps and thought to look up the CBI theater to see if anyone had a site. Everytime I begin to reserch the CBI I get emotional. My father to was a hump pilot and served the 10th Combat Cargo Sqd. 3rd Group. His name is Lt. Harold C. Burley and he was from Highland Michigan. My father passed away in 1979 just after my first son was born. I was only 24 at the time. I always wished that I had spent more time learning about the experiences my father went through during the war. I have two books written by Dr. John Martin regarding the history of the 10th. They are very interesting and have given me a great deal of satisfaction and insite into my father’s experiences. Let me know if you would like info on how to purchase. Perhaps your father knew my father. He flew as Tom Ramseur's (deceased) co-pilot to India in C-47-A No. 42-93390. Earnest W. Williams was the radio operator and Durwood D. Hooker Engr. They flew from Sylet Dergaon Dinjan and Myitkyina. He roomed with Bob Waldbaur, John Kovonda and Chuck Griffin. After the war dad retruned to Michigan and continued with the trucking business he had started before the war. He operated and trucking business until his health forced him to retire in 1978. Please pass this information on to your father for me. Please thank him for me for protecting our country and allowing us to live in a free country. You can e-mail or snail mail me if interested. Sincerely David H. Burley 1272 N. Milford Rd. Milford MI 48381

Name: David H. Burley Sr.

Email: Burlefarm1@aol


Subject: Anyone who knew Cap. H. R. Haviland -1337th & 13152nd

Date: Wednesday 6-Sep-2000 17:50:30

Message: I am trying to find anyone who flew with knew or has information about my father Harold R. Haviland in the CBI Theater. He flew The Hump with the 1337th AAFBU based at Sookerating Assam Province India from about November 1944 to March 1945. He also flew Search and Rescue with the 1352nd AAFBU stationed at Mohanbari India from March 1945 through October 1945. C. Haviland

Name: joe tinsley

Email: zigzag99@aol.com


Subject: 12th Combat Cargo Sqdn 1944-45

Date: Monday 5-Oct-1998 10:52:31

Message: My father Ray Chan was a radio operator in the 12th Combat Cargo Sqdn based in Moran India 1944-45. He flew mostly around Burma (Myitkina) and once to Kunming. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and can; be reached at daddyo70@aol.com. Scott Chan

Name: Ray Chan

Email: daddyo70@aol.com


Subject: 10th Combat Cargo Squadron 3rd Combat Cargo Group 10th Air Force China-India-Burma

Date: Tuesday 29-Sep-1998 21:44:05

Message: "My Dad flew with the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron 3rd Combat Cargo Group from it inception June 1 1944 to January 1945. During that time he flew 796 combat hours received credit for 196 combat missions he earned the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf clusters the Distinguished Flying Cross with three Oak Leaf clusters and a Battle Star. This site is Dedicated to him and members of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron 3rd Combat Cargo Group.; I would really like to hear from former members of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron 3rd Combat Cargo Group or from members of the other Combat Cargo Squadrons (1st Combat Cargo Squadron - 16th Combat Cargo Squadron 1st Combat Cargo Group - 4th Combat Cargo Group) formed during the Second World War. I would also like to hear from anyone who flew Combat Cargo type missions (i.e. Air Transport Command (ATC) Troop Carrier Groups and Squadrons Korea Berlin airlift or modern USAF Combat Cargo type missions). Please post a message or email me directly. I hope with this site to help tell part of the Combat Cargo story and preserve some of it's history through stories photos and memories. You are not forgotten!! Bill Bielauskas Imphal the Hump and Beyond ""http://comcar.org/comcarhome.htm""

Name: Bill Bielauskas

Email: bill.b@erols.com


Subject: Re: 10th Combat Cargo Squadron 3rd Combat Cargo Group 10th Air Force China-India-Burma

Date: Wednesday 28-Jul-1999 13:35:32

Message: Sir My father Joe Lipera was a C-47 pilot stationed in Dinjan India. I'v recently become interested in Air Force history and lineage and thought researching my fathers's squadron would be a good starting place. However he doesn't remember what squadron he was assigned to. The 10th is a very good possibility. Do have a list of squadron members? Sincerely & Ron Lipera

Name: Ron Lipera

Email: liperar@af.pentagon.mil


Subject: looking for info on 377nd Service Sq. 52nd Air Service Group


Message: I am looking for information on the 377th service squadron attached to the 52nd air service group. Names in my fathers memorabilia are: Holton from Erie PA Adrian Tansey from Keyport NJ Tortoello from Harrison NJ Bratcher from Ocal FL and BJ Tof from Muskingon Mn. Unit was in Assam India and then Burma 43-46. Any information on events and/or people is greatly appreciated.

Name: Robert Sommers Worthington

Email: Hope@Boneandbonecpas.com


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