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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

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CBI - Combat Cargo Message Board  

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    If you served or flew in the CBI Theater of Operations or flew any Combat Cargo related missions (i.e. Korea, Berlin Airlift or modern USAF Combat Cargo missions).  Please use this message board as place to post a message, question, story, memories, etc. 

        You could, if you prefer email me directly or snail mail me at the address located on the bottom of this page.  So I can get in touch with you and gain more insight into this largely unknown Theater of Operations and Combat Cargo missions 

    I only ask that posts to this Message Board relate directly or indirectly in some way to the above subject matter.  I reserve the right to remove any and all posts that do not relate to the above mentioned topics.  This message board is located off site so please excuse the advertising. 

    There are enough sites on the World Wide Web that deal with the famous fighters, the famous bombers, their groups and squadrons.  It is my intention with this site to have a place for the the Groups, Squadrons, and men who flew the in this Forgotten Theater of Operations, The CBI, a place where they can post their stories, memories, etc. so their history can be saved and shared with others.

    Thanks,  Bill Bielauskas

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   I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc.)

Please e-mail comment, suggestions, corrections,etc to: bill@comcar.org

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