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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

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(Excerpts from viewer e-mail.)

  1.     Bill,  Patti and I are visiting with friends and we were able to pull up your revised 10th Combat Cargo page complete with new photos. To say that we are impressed is an understatement.  We are overwhelmed and I want to thank you for your efforts in behalf of the squadron and the group as well as all of we old goats.  You have done us a service and given us a compliment for which we thank you.  Please keep up the good work and let me know if you need any photos etc.     All the best, "Saylor's Trailer"  (note: "Saylor's Trailer" was the name of Lt. George 'Jake' Saylor's C-47 of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, my Dad flew many times with Jake.  Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99)
  2.     Bill,  My name is Herb Patton and I was a member of the 4th Combat Cargo Squadron during WW2.  I was sitting here, surfing the web, looking to see if I could find anything about Combat Cargo in the CBI (The Forgotten War) and just about jumped for joy when I came across your page.  The 4th holds reunions every year, but I had not heard about this until several years ago, when I attended one in Orlando FL.   I have a few photos of from that era and have written several articles for our news letter and I would be glad to share some of them with you. .....  I was a radio operator and while the Hump was not one of our regular runs, I have been over it a few times.  I will wait with anticipation hear from and hope we can become acquainted.      Herb Patton  (note: Herb Patton has become a valuable resource for this page, he has on his own written to all his fellow 4th Combat Cargo Squadron mates asking is they would be willing to contribute anything to the site.  Thanks a bunch, Herb.   Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99)
  3.    Bill,   Today (Christmas) while showing my father-in-law the wonders of the internet, I said I could probably use it to find information about his group in World War II.  We stumbled onto your page right away with a dogpile search of "CBI Burma Hump".
     My father-in-law is Sherman DeMaris of Centerville, MD.  He served in the 3rd Combat Cargo Group, 12th Squadron, as a flight engineer on C-47's.   He was with the unit from the time it left the states until he came back on rotation in April, 1945.   George Hay Kain, III
  4.     Bill,  I was an enlisted man with HQ, 1st Combat Cargo Group from May 1944 until the 512th was deactivated in California in Dec 1945.  Recently I have been "helping" MSgt Gerald A. White Jr. with his in progress History of the 1st C C Squadron.  I was in administration and was responsible for the distribution of official communications and was also the Group Mail clerk.
    I saw your notice on the BB at the HPA Reunion at Atlanta last month.   Your web page is great keep up the good work.     John Van Lieu
  5.     Bill,  I was visiting my son and snooping the net. I took a chance at Com Car, what a pleasant surprise!  I'm at a point in life where my memories of what happened in the C.B.and I.. Details and names come more slowly.  Last night's visit on this web site triggered a million thoughts and memories.      ----------where to start?????           Oh.... this brings back so many memories.  I can talk about the training missions for hours on end. Places like Warsaw In., Greenbay Wi., Attiberry In., all at low level tree high at night.  Man we did fly!!!!
  Then the trip to hell, across the Atlantic, into West Africa across North Africa across North Iran and into India. -------Karachi were we picked up a group of combat loaded C.G. 4A.s and preceded east across India, Agara, Barrak Akpur, then Selyette our home away from home.  Tigers, cobras, cratis, and monkeys were a concern until we learned to ignore rumors.  I Gotta go Let's stay in contact.   Pete Setcoski,   Chief Master Sgt U.S.A.F. ret
   (note:  Pete was a Crew Chief with the 4th Combat Cargo Squadron from start to finish.  Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99)
   6.     Bill - I thought your web sites were great.  Have forwarded to Jack Martin, our HPA Historian.  Look forward to your info for the next Newsletter.      Have a great day. Jan.....(note: Jan works at the HPA Headquarters.  Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99)
  7.     Bill,  ..Your web page looks great.  You are to be commended.   John Martin, HPA Historian  (note: John Martin was with the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, and remembered my Dad.  Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99
  8.     Bill,   Was off line for several weeks, and just wanted to test whether I took your address down correctly.  Just a reminder that we never met, but am an old Goonie Bird throttle jockey from the 10th Combat Cargo, and my e-mail address is a "giveaway"!
Wheels Up!,  Herb Ochs
  (note:  Herb was an original member of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, after visiting Herb and showing him a photo of him, my Dad a few others remembered my Dad.  Bill Bielauskas 3/24/99)
  9.     Bill,  I have just been looking at your web page concerning flying the hump and thought I would write to tell you a little about my father.  His name appears on the Officers list for the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron -- 2nd Lt. Harley G. Hanson.
   My father was a pilot of a C-47 that flew the Hump.  He was forced to crash land his plane into a haystack on a rice paddy on the side of a mountain and was fortunate to escape with all of his crew members relatively unharmed.  He received a DFC with 2 oak leaf clusters and an Air Medal with 3 oak leaf clusters.
    If you are interested in any more information about him and his experiences please e-mail me.  Thanks, Marcia Carr 
  10.     Bill,   My son helped me browse thru the notes re the Combat Cargo outfits.  It appears that you are carrying on for your late Father who flew in the CBI theater.  If so, I take my hat off to you for the honor & respect you show for your Dad.
    I recall that:     1. My pilot was a 1st Lt Arthur Sharp from Nappanee, Indiana;   2. My co-pilot - shame on me, I plainly forgot!   Including myself as the radio operator, we 3 flew most of our missions together.   3. My crew chief - the ground mechanic who kept our plane in ship shape - again shame on me - I forgot!
  A few radio operator buddies whom I recall:   a. Art Prince, from Philadelphi, Penna.    b. Horace Garwood, from Columbus, Ohio.   c. Walt Zysko from Chicago, Ill.       Ray Chan,
  11.     Bill,  My father was in the 13th Combat Cargo Squadron, 4th Group and is looking for any info on CBI.  I know he was stationed in both India and Burma, but I'd have to check with him on the dates.  His name is Gene Laus and he was the radio man on the plane he flew.  He has stories galore about his experiences, including the imfamous "Veal Cutlet Dinner" in China! (Veal spelled "d-o-g"!)  I believe he's also going to the reunion this year.      Sandi Heck
  12.     Bill,   You are a very devoted son, and I admire you for that!  My dad's of an age where his WWII experiences really consume him.  It was the most exciting time of his life, and he enjoys talking about it more than anything else.   He has some incredible stories (that I've heard umpteen times!) But I'll tell you what - if I'd been through what he went through, I'd be repeating myself, too.      You are wonderful to put this web site together - it'll give him such a thrill.  Thank you. Kathleen Macknicki
  13.     Bill,  I got your e-mail address from John Henno .  I was a member and radio op and flew the hump many times.  Plane caught fire, & bailed out, then walked 17 days to get back.  I have much info you might be interested in including the official statement given to "Intelligence" as well as a daily diary I kept on the 17 days of walking out, plus other info.  It is too lengthy to e-mail, but would be happy to snail mail it to you, so you can choose what you would like to use. So, if you would e mail me your snail mail address would be happy to do so.   Have checked your home page & it sure looks good. Congratulations.   Nick Sanchez,
  14.     Bill,  Nick Sanchez just gave me Combat Cargo web site address.  An excellent job, thanks for preserving the history of the Combat Cargo Groups.  I joined the 15th Sqdn, 4th group as part of a replacement crew in Chittagong, India the end of March 1945.   I was a flight Radio Operator.
Again thanks for an excellent web site, now I can pass this on to my children.  Best regards;     Burt Schaefer
  15.     Bill,  Nick Sanchez gave me your Web page url.  It was a delight to see what you have done. I was one of the first C-46 pilots in the 15th Combat Cargo Squadron, 4th Combat Cargo Group to train in Syracuse, NY, then Louisville KY.  The history that Nick supplied you is pretty much what we did.  It is encouraging to know that you are continuing to honor your dad by maintaining a website that you have. Your dad and I had about the same experience and recognition.               Jack Mullen, M.D.
  16.      Bill,  Nick Sanchez gave me the information about your home page.  I logged on today and found it was very interesting.  I was with the l5th Combat Cargo Sq. from its inception at Syracuse until rotation home in l946.  I have attended one reunion last year in Milwaukee and we have another planned this year in Minneapolis.
  I find several references to the Combat Cargo Squadrons, but very little about the Airdrome Squadrons that accompanied them.  The Airdrome Sq. attached to the l5th CC Sq. was the 350th Airdrome Sq.  Have you received any info about them?.
  Keep up the good work and I will check back to your home page again.   Ed. Honey, Ex-medic 15th CC Sq.

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I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc.) 

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